Faith in Film - Corbin Bernsen's "Rust"

Watched a movie called “Rust” the other day and heard a great quote about keeping things in perspective. Thought I’d share with the community:

“The dark events in our life aren’t hurdles that God puts before us to see how high we can jump or how hard we stumble. Our God is more loving than that. Those ‘hurdles’ are the way we choose to look at the bad stuff of our lives. All too often we get so knotted up in the threads of our life that we forget to look at the bigger picture. The entire weaving of HIS fabric.”

I think it’s helpful to remind oneself of the bigger picture of God’s plan. Trust that God’s plan is always ultimately in our best interest. Also, keep in mind that you can learn something valuable from any situation. Use each “hurdle” to rejuvenate and strengthen your own faith.

Here’s the preview for the movie. I recommend giving it a watch:

Thanks for picking that up. When I wrote that it was the one of the most “free flowing” experiences of my life! The words just flowed out almost as if I was learning from the experience - those words I was writing. Truly amazing.

I thought “Rust” was going to get theatrical distribution, had read about it a few months ago and am still looking forward to seeing it. Hey, any chance of an “L.A. Law” reunion? I loved that show.

Thanks for the post, I just added this to my queue on netflix. Can’t wait to watch it.:slight_smile:

Is this really the Corbin Bernsen??? I love you in Psych! :slight_smile:

when and where will be able to see this? is this going straight to dvd? i hope not – there are so few GOOD and non-offensive movies in the theaters these days:mad:

If this is THE Corbin Bersen----Hey!!!:wave:

Welcome to CAF. :thumbsup:

Oh yes---------Are we going to see another Dentist movie?:smiley:

So cool! Yeah it was a great one. Very well written! I’d love to see more of Corbin Bernsen, the writer-director.

For anyone looking to pick up a copy, here’s a link to the official site where you can purchase the film:

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