Faith is out for a recess, help me bring it back in session


I just joined the church 2 years ago and ive seem to already lost my faith. I Coach Swimming and most weekends im out coaching, so I was using that as the excuse as to why ive not been to church recently. But I havent had a meet in 4 months and yet I still havent gone at all. I know alot of people are saying “go To church!” but its not that easy. I dont know how to approch returning, and I really dont know anyone up here that can help me out in that regard, but I would like somewhere I can be with god again and Help Lead my life back to my faith so I can live the rest of my life using my faith to guide it instead of fealing so lost.

does anyone have any suggestions of how I can go about this?


Yes, go to Confession, and force yourself to go to Mass. Set your alarm, get up, immediately get your shower and get dressed for Church, and head out the door. Make that the goal for your day and refuse to be distracted by anything. It can be difficult, but it works. That is what I did, and it was worth the effort. Soon you will be looking forward to going, although there are some days I still have to force myself to go, esp on cold winter mornings:D


Why not volunteer for one of the ministries…like usher or greeter, and you will even find more reason to get up for church. Or join the choir if you are musically inclined too. When you are more comfortable, maybe even a lector…believe me, the more you put into this glorious banquet of heaven and earth called the mass, the more likely you will appreciate being there as well as the graces it provides you.

You will never regret it either.:thumbsup:


Ya know, one of the hardest things I’m *just now *starting to learn is how to live for today. When I look back on my spiritual life and my relationship with God, it was full of procrastination and/or greater expectations. I was never completely satisfied with where I was right then in that moment! As a result, I, like you, lost my faith and fell away from the Church for about nine months before returning – and even after I returned, I kept slipping and slipping because I couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong with me and why I was still so unsatisfied!

The question is, Are you living for today? Or, like me, have you been waiting for better and/or greater to happen? You seem to recognize your need to go to church – so go! No, it won’t be easy, and, in truth, you may even hate it! So what? Christianity is the religion of the Cross, not sweet pastries and bluebirds! But, please, you may *feel *that your faith is dead, but there’s *something *acting within you that *knows *that going to church is the necessary and right thing to do – so much so that you thought enough about it to come here and tell us about your struggle.

Listen to CB Catholic above: Wake up, get dressed, get yourself in a car and don’t look back until you arive at church. Start living for today by doing what’s necessary and before too long you’ll find your faith again. I just know it!


how would you respond to a swimmer on your team who had missed several practices for a variety of excuses–injury, illness, press of schoolwork, family reasons etc., and rejected every time you called to insist they return to practice or be cut from the team?

the obvious suggestion for “how to go about this” is to “go about it” or just do it as the ad says. this is not a story about a crisis of faith it is a story about a crisis of action and initiative


Just do it! I agree with all the other posters have said this before me. Once going every Sunday has become a habit with you again you wont feel like its Sunday anymore if you do miss church. You can easily backslide and miss a couple Sundays in a row and there you are again, If that happens, resolve to go the next Sunday and just keep doing it. Especially when you don`t feel like it because that is where giving into yourself and staying home leads you back into the dangerous habit of not going anymore. Hey, as an athlete you must know all about the importance self discipline.


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