Faith laughed at by employer


I’m working on it. I’ve worked very hard here for about 2 years, made the company a lot of money, and he called me lazy for not putting in 80 hour weeks. He makes fun of religious people, people from other states, women, overweight people, poor people, everyone. He even more ks the idea of giving money to the poor as being a scam. And because he’s one step below the owner who lives out of state, he has free reign.


I agree.
I was jumping ahead of it–if there were to be any legal filings, or complaints to a government agency (state or federal human relations commission), the actions have to be shown to be repeated.


Shake your cloak at him and take your peace back, I would not cast my perils before the swine.


Sounds like he needs to meet with HR.


There is no HR.


People didn’t read? No HR


Speak to the company owner.

The man said disrespectful things about Indian people, Hinduism and Christianity. If the owner condones this, start looking for a different job because these are not virtuous people.


Just pray for him, treat him kindly and behave with charity at work. I think that in a way we should be grateful when we experience minor acts of mocking like this. We should expect it and accept it.

You did the right thing, I think, by explaining things to him charitably. If afterwards you were mocked, just smile, pray for the man, and offer it up. By displaying the example of living Christian values at work you might make an impact on your boss. I would definitely not push any grievance procedure (even if it was a large company where you could).



Write down exactly what your boss says every time your boss makes fun of your faith and note the name of any one else present who witnesses. Keep these in a journal – do not leave the journal at work. Eventually you will have evidence should you need to file a discrimination lawsuit.

One of the things the US was founded on is religious freedom.

And pray for your boss.

My two cents.


You told him the right info, so you’re good. He’s only hurting himself. Let it go.

If you think you might get fired or get a bad reference should you leave, it would be a good idea to document this all in a diary though. Do NOT keep it at work or on any work systems.


That is why God invented free gmail accounts :slight_smile: send an email from your phone to your own email. This way you have a date and time stamp.


I’d go and have gone to a Bible study taught by a Catholic - and learned a bunch in doing so. If you’re a believer - you’re my brother/sister in Christ :slight_smile:


I think you did an awesome job of witnessing your faith! You did your duty, what your boss does with it is on him. Bonus for your boss if you offer up a few extra prayers for him. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


OP explained he’s in a four man company. There is no HR

It may have been on this forum, but someone once said “No one becomes Bishop because they are over-humble” or something to that effect. I would say that applies here, too by saying that no one starts their own business or becomes manager of a four man company because they are over-sensitive to the feelings of others. Sounds like this guy may just have a talent for alienating everyone.

This is also very true. Sometimes, we are called to evangelize. Sometimes, we are told not to throw our pearls to swine. Maybe he’s a swine :wink:

Who’s going to coach him if it’s a four man company? And if it’s a four man company, managed by this boss with an absent owner, where does one lodge a complaint?

Unless he wants to try and press charges in some way which seems a LOT like a great way to get fired for something “totally unrelated”.

Yep, sounds like swine to me. :roll_eyes: Share your God-given talents with someone else. If it makes you feel better, you can include your opinion of the man and his many instances of true nastiness as your decision to leave the company in a letter to the owner. I’d make sure I didn’t need his recommendation first though :wink:

This is like one of my 7th grade reading comprehension tests, LOL :rofl:

Also an option, although remember that, no matter how much the owner may like you, he’s out of state and the manager is in your workplace. Everyday.

While I probably wouldn’t go so far as actually being grateful (due to my own lack of holiness, not because it isn’t a good idea), I do agree that it is an opportunity. To make a complaint, to move on to another job, to ignore it or to offer it up. We are so loved by our Lord that He turns even the occasion of our being mocked into an occasion of grace. That’s…simply incredible. In that light, I could almost feel sorry for your manager that he lives a life without this incredible, eternal, omniscient God who not only loves His people devotedly, but even goes so far as to offer to turn their sorrows into positive action. And, yes, pray for your boss. Because he will live without Love for all eternity if he doesn’t wise up. And no matter how much of a swine he is, or acts like, eternal separation from God is an horrific price to pay…


In any line of business, you are going to have ignorant people and if its your boss, you just have to suck it up and take it.

Snitching on your boss to the owner just isn’t likely to work out well.

Remember, this boss was respected by the owner enough to be put in charge. You are calling the owner’s judgment into question too when you snitch on him.

Even if you were successful in getting everything documented to a “t”, and the owner got rid of this ignoramus at your behest- everyone else there will still see you as a snitch and question your loyalty, even the owner. Further, the guy that you got fired becomes your enemy for life.

You are better off taking it


This sounds like your workplace has what entirely secular sites call a jerk problem. Usually the only solution to a jerk problem is to leave, if management isn’t fixing it.


Find another job.


don’t be upset, you just planted a seed and it could be the exact seed Jesus wanted planted.

I wouldn’t press the issue and just wait for the next time he comments, :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t worry about that - interaction.

I think it’s cool that you both rapped back and forth -
Plant - the seed - for at least mentioning religious things.

Maybe at Christmas - you can chat again -


There’s no “pressing charges” because this isn’t a criminal issue. However, if he complains and gets fired for something “totally unrelated” he has a great basis for a lawsuit.

Disclaimer: this is not legal advice.

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