Faith laughed at by employer


[quote=“Thrstypirate, post:1, topic:509652”] I
know he’s very atheistic and mocks everyone.

Well in that case it’s a good time to quote one of my favorite scripture lines: “Woe to you who laugh now, for you will mourn and weep.”
Luke 6:25


Not unless he can prove it was retaliation. It doesn’t keep him from being accused of something totally fabricated.


Well, yeah, proving retaliation would be the whole point of the suit. You don’t need to definitively prove something to file. Look up Iqbal and Twombly.


Empty drums make the loudest sound.


I employ three Catholics, a Methodist, a JW, and a Mormon. I insist we don’t trash each other.


You planted a seed. Thank God for that oppurtunity. He knows where to go if he has questions about the faith.

If you cannot deal with it please find a new job. Do not sue over this. What does that say about Catholics? Law suits should be a last resort and only for when real harm is done.


I actually don’t have a big problem with what happened. I’m sure it does sound ridiculous. In fact most of the time the mystery of the Eucharist is what keeps me respectful of other beliefs. That and the many saints that have preformed miracles including bilocation and flying… In reality our faith is laughable. We believe a dead man rose again and is not just a god but THE GOD and we eat him in the accidents of bread and wine which become God flesh that we feast upon…In fact Jesus HImself knew how this sounded and just a couple of Sundays ago we heard how many left him because of how gross or weird it sounded.

I love asking questions to people who disagree with me. " i know it sounds silly boss but everybody believes silly things. Even you." and then point out something he holds true that may not be believed or understood by others. Like, " Boss, you believe we all just appeared by chance. Or that Global Warming is man caused, or that Tom Brady is too old to play, or that the Eagles were a good band, or that Kelly at the sandwich shop down the street likes you." You know, ridiculous things"


Protestants like Bible studies. I don’t think they’d balk at a general Bible study even if it is put on by a Catholic. It would probably be viewed no differently than having a Bible study with someone on the other side of the Arminian/Calvinist debate.


Actually, your manager is half right. Since Protestants and most other non-Catholic sects don’t have validly ordained priests, they don’t have a valid Eucharist either. So all they get is a cracker! :sweat:


You told him the truth. He didn’t believe it. That’s that. I think you should just let it go now, there’s nothing more you can do, it’s his problem, not yours.


If the manager was just making fun of the OP, looking the other way would be understandable. But he wasn’t mocking the OP, he was mocking the Lord. This falls under the category of righteous anger in my opinion, and we all know how Jesus expressed anger Himself.

It’s sad that we are willing to put up with this kind of behavior and accept that this is just reality, just to protect our career. If it’s an isolated incident, you could chalk it up poor judgment by the manager and let it go, but if it happens with any regularity, the manager should know that Catholics put their faith before anything else, and that mocking the Lord is not ok.


OP…This! :wink:


I also doubt you mock the faith or ethnicity of your customers.


Of course not, a large percentage of my business comes from an ethnic group different than my own. Aside from being un Christian, it would be retail suicide.



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I personally like Catholic Bible studies because a lot of the time there is wine too (not all the time - I’m not saying you guys are all a bunch of lushes and you like wine more than the Bible or anything like that - I’m just saying that you guys are more comfortable I think with wine together with studying the Bible than we are). I like wine. Ok - I love wine. I love the Bible. As I’ve said before - we Protestants have much to learn from our Catholic brothers and sisters :slight_smile:


Yes, we tend to include alcohol with many of our get-togethers, even is the purpose is to study and learn.


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