Faith Lights the Way for San Quentin Inmates

This article is on the spiritual history of men who found the Catholic faith behind bars. See:

Prison is typically an even tougher place for Catholics who are starving for the Sacraments. I urge anyone who reads this to consider becoming involved in a Catholic prison ministry. I am not aware of any full-time Catholic prison Chaplains, and doubt that there are any. Many Chaplains seem to look down on Catholics, and have little or no desire to accommodate them. I speak from experience, as a Professional Attitude Adjuster at the Graybar Hotel. I also serve as Acting Chaplain, since the State has ceased to pay for full-time Chaplains.

If nothing else, please, at least pray for our Catholic inmates, that in coming years, more Catholic volunteers will emerge, more Priests and Deacons will take the initiative, and the Sacraments will be more readily available to those who are incarcerated.

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