Faith not Ideas

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 Been doing a great deal of study lately and listened to talks and I have come to a new conclusion lately. At this point I see a patter of rhetoric from Catholics, Protestants, the pope and the church leadership about ideals and not enough about faith. That is very disturbing and will cause people to lose the faith.

The pope will say things about what we should do and what are values should be but not so much talking about our faith. for example when he shuns capitalism says people like trump or people that invest in gun companies cant be Christians. On the contrary he should be speaking about and promoting faith. Men and women these days need to be steadfast in their faith and need to strengthen their faith. I cant tell you how many times people who believe deeply in Jesus will not speak up today because they fear persecution and I was one of them but I no longer will be. This is due to a major lack of faith in God and Jesus and as the faithful stand by a silent observers more and more people will fall of track and become atheist or even convert to radical Islam. The church should be about faith and strengthening our faith and not giving in to persecution. Weather it could be being mocked at work losing a friend or just plain being laughed at we need to keep the faith in persecution and inspire others to do so. As it says in Acts it is better to obey God than men. The pope should be telling us to keep the faith and work to strengthen our faith not preach ideals. 

   An example of Biblical history Judas was a man of ideals where Peter was a man of faith.Judas they both had faults but Peter kept the faith while Judas kept to his ideal. Judas had an ideal and a vision for a free Israel and a conquering savior and when that ideal was not realized he would not wait,  lost faith and betrayed Jesus. Peter on the other hand kept the faith and though he failed at times like when he denied knowing Jesus when Jesus needed him most he recovered and his faith grew stronger and as you can see how great he became in Acts. It was Peter's reliance on his faith in Jesus made him great even after he fell he was able to regain his footing through his faith. However on the contrary it was Judas's ideals and lack of faith that caused him to fall and betray Jesus.  

today a great deal of governments are preaching that we should be tolerant of  and understanding Muslims and at the same time striping the world of Christian faith and as statistics show more and more people are leaving the faith as our ideals are not being realized through the church. They fear persecution don't see their ideals being realized through the church and with dont see a positive to being a christian and leave the church. If the church is going to survive we need to be steadfast in our faith and not afraid of being persecuted. I am not saying going door to door preaching but we need to not be afraid to show our faith dont be afraid to speak up in situations where you feel you should dont be afraid of being mocked or persecuted and show the power of faith. As saint Francis  said "Preach always only use works if necessary."

Promote faith while living christian values but we shouldn’t focus so much on our Ideas on how society should be ran and dont push our ideals. We will always be disappointed that our ideals are not being realized like we want them to but we will never be disappointed in a close relationship with the trinity through our faith. Act as Peter did not as Judas did.

Good idea. :wink:

I mean you are on to something. Faith is more important than worldly ideals and expectations.

As saint Francis said “Preach always only use works if necessary.”

I think it was “Use words if necessary.”

your right auto correct screwed it up

I agree with you about Pope Francis, some of things he says and does, just seems like he is a bit too ‘friendly’ with secular governments, when it should probably be the opposite.

I was disappointed on his US visit, he had the perfect platform and audience that needed to hear more about the faith and what our beliefs are, but instead his speeches were vague and indirect…yet when he is speaking elsewhere, he is direct about certain things…??

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