Faith of our Spouse


Without getting into the pros/cons of inter faith marriage I was just curious what the landscape looks like.

Assuming YOU were Catholic when y’all met.


I’m a cradle Catholic, my spouse is not (and most likely never will be) Catholic.


Cradle married to a Baptist-raised Agnostic (borderline Athiest)


My wife is a cradle catholic.

I have left the church.


My spouse converted after we married.
We both have our individual stands and we don’t interfere where it is subjected to faith! But out of love, my spouse converted himself to a Catholic after marriage! :slight_smile:


Married 32 years to a member of the United Church of Canada, one who rarely attended his own Church. Although he’s been very supportive of my faith and of the children’s faith, AFAIK he’s never thought of converting.

Recently though, he’s been going to Mass almost every Sunday to sing in the choir – or at least that’s what I thought. A few weeks ago he mentioned that while he’d started going just to be part of the choir that’s no longer the reason he goes. We’ll see…


Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! Hubby has his retreat today. He is actually right now in the living room studying the little penance book. He makes his first confession today and then tomorrow is the big day! His confirmation is tomorrow.

Ok in answer to your poll. my whole family will be converts. I was confirmed last November. Hubby will be confirmed tomorrow. DD will be confirmed hopefully this November. And my Boys are going to be baptized here shortly. Yeah. I am in a good mood today. Have a great one everybody!
Deeny :-):smiley:


My dh converted right before our wedding and made his First Communion at our wedding Mass. I really tried to make it hard for him because I didn’t want him to convert for me. He told me that the first time he walked into our Catholic church, he knew Someone was there!



My bride converted prior to our marriage, but not (as I gather is often the case) in preparation for it. She converted years before I had ever met her.

(I have often mused that her former boyfriend, which relationship did spark her interest in the Catholic Faith, did me a great service :wink: )



Both Cradle’s here!!:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


I am 43 and converted when I was 35, DH is 30 and he converted three years ago, about a year before we married. :smiley:



I am a cradle Catholic and I married a cradle Catholic. I’m already concerned about my children finding good, faithful Catholic spouses to settle down with. Silly I know to be concerned about that now since they are only 12, 10 and 5, but even so I’m still a bit concerned, considering the culture we live in.:blush:


I am the Convert my wife was the Cradle


Do you pray daily that God will lead them to their vocation?
Do you tell them to pray daily and to ask God’s will for their lives?
If not, start, if you do, don’t stop. :slight_smile:


One of my daily prayer intentions:

“I offer my prayers today for my immediate family. I ask that N.,N.,N.,N.,N. always strive to become spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically fit, strong and healthy. I ask that each of us be filled with love for the Lord and zeal for our Faith and that we strive to discern God’s will for us and then do God’s will.”


Beautiful :slight_smile:


Thank you:blush:


We are both cradle (practicing)catholics.


Hubby and I are both ‘cradle’ Catholics…strayed from the Church for a period of time many moons ago–and over the past 7 years, have been very devout. It is important to marry someone who is commited to Christ the way you are, but being a cradle Catholic doesn’t ensure that you won’t ever question, or struggle with certain teachings. I think my husband and I rediscovering our true faith, and wanting to adhere to Church teachings, has strengthened our marriage 10-fold.:slight_smile:


We’ve been married 12 years this year - and Hubby’s not a Catholic.

BUT He’s going through RCIA this year and I expect he will join the Church. It took lots and lots of prayers and we are in the midst of a beautiful conversion right now. God is so good!

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