Faith struggles

I’ve struggled with anxiety/depression since childhood. The last couple of years have been a spiritual roller coaster ride for me.

I discovered Buddhist teachings on the mind & realized that I could apply practical tools to calm my mind & therefore help me with my depression. I’m not Buddhist & do not plan to become one but the teachings are so helpful for me & many others with mental disorders. I also read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle & found it helpful for me as well. I know its categorized as new age, but I was seeking practical tangible advice because prayer was not helping me at that time in my life.

So now Im feeling much better & take medication, I also practice mindfulness to calm my busy mind, but Im having doubts and struggling with my faith. :confused:

Anyone been through a similiar struggle? Any advice? Thank you;)

Please, do not turn to new age thinking. It may feel right, but it is not. “Trust in the Lord for he is good, His love is everlasting.” Consult with a priest now that you are feeling better and pray a Rosary, meditating on the true mysteries, those of Christ and Mary. May God bless you.

Ricard is right do not turn to those false teachings, or they will drag you down. There is a great speaker teaching about the dangers of New Age and such her name is Sharon Lee Giganti. Check out her information before you get too deep in this false doctrine.

Meditate on the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, what He could have done or not. How he dealt with all of it and apply it to you it is best.

Hope this helps God Bless!

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