Faith versus Faithfulness

Do most Protestants believe that Faith and Faithfulness are two separate ideas when it comes to who is (or who will be) saved?

I believe Catholics hold to that you cannot truly separate Faith and Faithfulness.

Inasmuch as faithfulness is what faith does, I would agree that they cannot really be “separated” but they are no more the same thing than a Quarterback is the touchdown pass he throws.

As a Friend, I believe what I do is more important to what I believe…faith and belief are also tied up with one another. I may not have perfect faith…but I can still do what I believe is right.

I may doubt God and His plan…but I don’t believe in God because I am fearful of some divine retribution that will be visited upon me in the fires of hell…I follow Him because it is the right thing to do…“We love him, because he first loved us.” I know what it is I should do…I know how it is that I should act…I know how my life should be ordered…I know I am to conform myself to his will…and if my faith is lacking, I still know what it is I must still do to at least have peace within myself.

I believe He is faithful even when I am not…I believe He is merciful even when I am not…I believe He calls me back to Himself over and over…I believe His mercy endures forever…and His grace is sufficient to hold me up even in the midst of my doubt and faithlessness…“I am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him against that day.” He is the Keeper and I am the kept.

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