Faith: What it means to me


We all struggle with faith at one time or another. Here is my attempt at understanding a very complex subject in this poem. Comments welcome

Faith is a word,
Both verb and a noun,
With unbound connections,
To God we have found.

Faith is no doctrine,
No book, nor a wife,
But rather connections,
And belief in a life.

Faith is not magic,
Or instant TV,
You cannot control it,
Like a bear or the sea.

Faith is connection,
One-way to the Lord,
The channel of choice,
To broadcast His Love.

So how do I turn on, or dial up,
To switch on the grace.
I’m here living life now,
Some times in disgrace.

I get little glimpses,
Of what faith might be like,
A sea full of candles,
Just burning at night.

Sometimes I waiver,
The waves overcome,
Extinguishing light,
Bringing darkest humdrum.

Then I have moments,
When suddenly clear,
God has worked through,
So now I can hear.

I see here this evening,
The beauty of faith,
In acts done, and children,
In each smiling face.

Faith is not one way,
From our God to him,
But reflected in others,
Acting within.

I peer into those eyes,
And glimpse once again,
An ocean of candles,
Each one is Him.

Lord, please set my senses,
To the channel named Faith,
Where I can just serve you,
In deeds and in haste.

I maybe can spell it,
But find it I can’t.
Without your direction,
It’s all but a glance.

The fake Faith of man,
Who believes in himself.
How to control all,
With possessions and wealth.

So let me be free,
Of these awkward bonds.
That shield me from your love,
Faith … bring it on!

I sit here with others,
Faith filled to the brim;
Doing your good works,
With mind and with limb.

So let me Dear Lord,
Share in the wonder.
That faith brings me home,
Your servant complete, no longer asunder.


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