Faith without works?


Without question, abortion has been a very frequent and prominent issue in many threads on this site; especially as of late. I am heartened by the zeal of many pro-life people posting here. In very many posts, I have read well thought out positions/arguments by individuals who are committed to the culture of life.

Having said that, I get the impression that we, as a community or demographic, don’t do nearly as much as we can (or should) when it comes to the witnessing of the Truth that is within us. This, in my opinion, is especially true when considering the issue of abortion and the right to life.

Like the large majority of Catholics (prior to about three years ago), I didn’t spend much time trying to live my faith or “walk the walk” when in came to abortion. Surely I was pro-life, and thanks to my wife, monetarily supported a crisis pregnancy center and home for young mothers. I also spoke to those who would listen about the sanctity of human life, but that’s about where my commitment started and ended.

Then as I grew in my faith and awareness of the issue (about the time of the Terry Schiavo tragedy), I started becoming more active as a pro-life rep for KOC, attended the March for Life and prayer vigils. After seeing more and more of the issue up close, I am struck by how few people - Catholics in particular - will be moved to actually do anything about it (I’m talking action here). Many people who attest to the fact that abortion is an intrinsic evil; will they actually commit to praying at an abortion clinic or going to some other pro-life event? More often than not I think the answer to this question is no.

I think it apparent that all of us who post on here take our faith and eternal reward more seriously than most Christians/Catholics. So how do our/your stated beliefs correlate with your actions? How much worse do things need to get before a significant portion of people resist the culture of death and mobilize?


Personally, I’m not aware of a pro-life group here that meets on a regular basis. If I remember correctly, every year, on the anniversery of Roe v. Wade, there is a special Mass at the church that’s right across the street from the capital building. Sometimes they have other activities in the capital itself. Back in 1998, the 25th anniverery, there was alot going on. I went that thim, but I’m sorry to say that I haven’t do so since.

I’ve never had the chance to get face to face with the issue of abortion. Before becoming a Catholic, I wasn’t sure what I believed. I thought it was an ok choice for other women, but not a decision that I’d like to have made. But now it’s not something I’d encourage, nor support.


Have you heard of 40 Days for Life?

I and with others will pray in front of abortion clinic to pray. We take turn and pray for 40 days straight.

If you live near Austin, TX. You can join us. See info here:


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