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Is there any use of having an implicit faith and/or doing good works before justification? e.g. is there any use for a Hindu for doing good works?


Yes, there is a good reason. The Church recognizes that there is truth in every religion. Good works would be something that any religion should strive for in their quest for God.


"For the performance of a morally good action Sanctifying grace is not required. (De fide)

Although the sinner does not posses the grace of justification, he can still perfom morally good actions and, with the help of actual grace, even supernaturally good (though not meritorious) works, and through them prepare himself for justification. Thus all works of the person in moral sin are not sins." (Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, Ludwig Ott, page 234)

So, what Ott is saying is it is always meritorious (rewarding) to society for the common good that the non-believer do good works and in hope that one day he/she would receive and respond to God’s actual grace which is the supernatural grace needed for salvation, and trust their lives to Jesus Christ.


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So, what’s the use of doing good works if our good works are not justified?


The Catholic Church would, I believe, view those good works as at least potentially a sign of implicit faith (obedience - Jn 3:36) in God who has written his law into every human heart.


This means, those who do good works before justification (baptism), helps them get nearer to God’s grace (baptism)?

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