:o There have been a long time I did not make any comment. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I thank you for giving US your Son Jesus Christ, for his love and forgivness, for his sacrifice, and for the many times I have sin against God and Heaven. For the many times I did not go to church and partake on Your invitation to eat your Body and Blood. It is not for lack of Faith, it is for me to be a rebel. Humm, funy thing that life is. But now I desire to speak of Faith, to really proclaim that I received Jesus and his Holy Spirit in my Baptism, my Communion, and proclamation of Faith after Communion. My belief in confession, the Holy Eucaristy, my belief in daily prayer and conversation with the Holy Spirit, my belief to cry with the ones that cry, and to laugh with the ones that laugh, my belief that Jesus said “Simon your name is Petra, and on this Rock I will set up my Church”. Christianity developed with the Catholic Church, since the begining, even with the Apostle Paul, those who belief in Jesus were faighting, I belief In Jesus , no I belief in Paul, no I belief in Peter. When will be the day that Christians Catholic and Protestants will understand that God, the Verb made men is neither Catholic or Protestant. JESUS IS ONE, and only Jesus is enough to silence everyone. We christians continued to faight against each other for Bible interpretations. Oh, Father that is one of the reasons I had become a rebel. That is one of the reasons that you are going to punish Humanity really hard, we are behaving like little children. When are we going to be united in ONE VOICE. JESUS IS ONE, HE IS NOT DIVIDED, THE WORD OF GOD NEVER CHANGE. SHAME ON US CHRISTIANS. Father hear my prayer, save us from ourselves. Save us from our little FAITH. Save us, save us, the whole World. Have mercy, and hear our prayers. Pour your Holy Gost on planet Earth. Gave us your peace, and the peace between all Men. I am so tired in trying to find you in my neighbord. I am totally spiritually exhausted. Catholics, meaning Universal, just pray for me, to have strength to continue running in your path, to not deviate myself, to keep my faith until the last breath, when I surrender my spirit to your call. May the Lord BLESS US. AMEN.


May the Lord bless you.

Eternal God, have mercy on us and on the whole world.




God bless you abundantly in your desires for Christian unity. God grant you grace to pray and participate in the Sacraments in prayer for Christian unity. You pain in this matter may be indication that your vocation is to pray thus.
God bless you, Trishie


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