Hi all,
I am at the moment converting to catholic and i want to know if there is anything (trust worthy) on the web that i can read to help me gain more faith as I don’t think I have as much as other people. I hope thats not wrong but I am trying and struggling to understand and the more i search i end up with more obstacles. Before I started to go to church and start taking religion serious, i used to believe in Jesus without doubt but now I have read things that say he didn’t. I am problebly reading all the wrong things.
Any help will be great.

Many thanks in advance.


There was a guy, forget his name, but God bless him, on this site that pointed me to Deacon Sabbatino Carnazzo, he heads a group called the Institute of Catholic Culture. Also:

Scott Hahn

Peter Kreeft

Michael Barber

Jimmy Akin

Do you download podcasts?

Catholic Underground (for polite humour and Catechesis)

The Sacred Page

Catholic Stuff You Should Know

God bless!

Many thanks John. I have plenty to go at now. I shall let you know how i get on with it all.

Thanks again

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