Faithful Catholic School In Danger of Closing!

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Public education has failed. Due to the specialization of knowledge within the very heart of modern pedagogy, a series of tragic divorces has ensued. Parents have been divorced from the intellectual formation of their children, the classical arts from the empirical sciences, and, most conspicuously, knowledge from virtue. Thus, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty are no longer found in the modern, government-driven education system. C.S. Lewis was right—we are producing a race of “men without chests,” men who can no longer enter the Great Conversation of Western Tradition and, thus, they are no longer able to develop the wisdom and virtues which have always been one with that Tradition.

Because grace perfects nature, the Church has always been the salt by which Western Tradition has been preserved in both its intellectual and spiritual content. John Paul the Great Academy was created to continue this essential mission of the Church. …

This month, our school suffered a major blow. Recently, our school moved to its permanent campus. It is holy ground. Home of the De La Salle Christian Brothers, the property is graced with the Blessed Sacrament which is perpetually adored by our students, parents, teachers, and community. Earlier this year we were overjoyed that a generous donor was going to help us fully purchase the property. Unexpectedly, he backed out this month! If this information would have been given to us earlier we could have recovered and raised enough money to purchase the property ourselves. But as any administrator knows, a school cannot be given such grave news so late in the year. Our community and parishes surrounding us have been supportive every step of the way, but this last hurdle may end the very existence of our school.

We need your help! The current threat is extremely urgent and endangers all of our attempts to renew education through subsidiarity, sanctity, and classical education. Our need is financial at this point, but we ask for prayers and any help you may be able to offer. If we do not raise enough funds within the next two weeks, we will be kicked off of our campus and our operations will be shut down indefinitely. Here’s a link to our website, where we have a ‘Support JPG’ feature for any possible contributions—all of which, no matter how small, could help save our school no matter how small.

In the past, when the barbarians were at the gates, the monastic traditions of the Church preserved and promoted Catholic values. We now have every form of barbarism at the gates. Our work at John Paul the Great Academy is to be in the trenches, meeting this threat face-to-face. The goal is to carry out the work of the Incarnation: to renew the world. What starts in the educational endeavors of the academy extends to our families, to our communities, and to the culture at large. The classical tradition of education in the Church is what we preserve and promote. Please see our brochure for more information.

In Pace Christi,

Nick Trosclair

Prayers needed!

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