"Faithful citizenship" has become an oxymoron

“You cannot serve two masters”, says the Lord.

The only reason I shot off fireworks this 4th of July was to spend time with my brother. As the election draws near, it is becoming more and more obvious to anyone who can rub two brain cells together that the entire government is built on a throne of deceit, corruption, theft, and murder.

Recently, the FBI all but rewrote the law to make Hillary Clinton exempt from the very same thing they want Edward Snowden’s head on a platter for.

Dorothy Day said that “the greatest threat to the Church is the State”. There is no accountability or equal protection under the law in this dystopia. From owning a gun to feeding the homeless, there is literally nothing the government will not fine, tax, imprison, or kill you for these days.

What’s more, these oligarchs lie to our faces day in and day out, and we do nothing. We accept it like good little sheeple. Anyone who dares question the status quo is “crazy” and a “conspiracy theorist”.

Thankfully, the narrative is breaking apart. Consider how the media and the Powers That Be blew a gasket over Brexit; Hell hath no fury like an establishment spurned.

A truly faithful Catholic, therefore, should pledge allegiance to Heaven, our true citizenship, and not the global soft-communist singularity that wants its tentacles on every waking aspect of our lives.

I’m fully aware that this makes me sound like a lunatic. But if holding to the idea that people are not the property of earthly powers makes me an anarchist and a rabble-rouser, then I’ll gladly call myself that.

The government has “evolved” - from a necessary evil that provides public goods that everyone is to benefit from, to what we have today: a cronyocracy. The political class exists to enrich itself and their cronies, at everyone else’s expense.

Doesn’t matter which political party. Both enrich their cronies.

Patriotism is the love of country - it is an extension of “Love thy neighbor” because the country is made up of your neighbors.

But Patriotism does not mean “love thy crony-enriching government”

There’s the rub. Can we love our country and be faithful citizens? Yes. If we define “Country” as the people of the country and not including the corrupt government.

If in an old school dictator monarchy ans the King declares “everyone shall pay a tax of $1 no more, no less”

And the local tax collectors take $5 from you is that your country?

In the US the country is the people and the Constitution.

The rogue nature of our laws is the act of these metaphorical tax collectors defying the king.

So to be a patriot of the US is analogous to still being loyal to the king. The kings subversion notwithstanding.

In the Military I swore to the Constitution
In the pledge of Allegiance we pledge to the nation the flag stands for and not the whims of human leaders.

I believe in this Nation even if it is destroyed, there are ousted royals living in exile or without power for centuries and some still have their loyal defenders, those who would stand by them and follow them etc…

Our idea and purpose is great, humans are horrible.

“Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.”

I don’t think you’re “crazy” or a “conspiracy theorist”. :slight_smile: And, if you’re a peaceful anti-war anarchist then a bit of rabble-rousing is quite OK.

In USA politics it sure looks like Christianity (religion in general) is used as just a stage prop to divide and conquer. You know, we don’t care who you vote for as long as we control who you can vote for.

This is a piece of anti-war propaganda from a reformed war-propagandist. It comes across as accurate and honest (even though some parts may be disagreeable to some).

Confessions Of A War Propagandist

These are three separate sentences from the article.

“I recall little discussion amongst fellow Christians concerning the morality of starting a war (although in later years I came across some Ron Paul Christian homeschoolers and conservative Catholics who were anti-war).”

“We are outspoken critics of a big government that is killing us with taxes and regulations but we rarely speak out about the trillions of dollars being wasted in wars that will keep our children in debt for decades.”

“If Christian conservatives truly want limited government, we can no longer blindly support big government military interventions and continue to elect war making politicians. We are part of the problem.”

Slow down a bit here. WE DO live in Medieval times. The only difference is most of the leadership no longer wear robes or live in castles. We are still the peasants. It has always been that way.

What has changed?

Technology. Global satellite surveillance, electronic intelligence gathering, continued eye to eye surveillance with people disguised to fit in, especially on the internet. Every word you say or type is read, referenced for certain key words. If those key words are present, the conversation is recorded and handed off for analysis.

In the past, the king always had spies dressed as commoners, listening for complaints, talk of rebellion, etc.

The purpose of counter-intelligence is “protection of the realm.”

So, you can be faithful and a citizen. Truth is the first casualty in any war, and we are in one. The media is the propaganda machine for powerful, well-financed interests.

I write this knowing that if I was ever surveilled, the most they’d get out of me is taking out the trash, shopping and buying gas, aside from going to work. In other words, they’d be bored out of their minds very quickly.

And yes, the slide to soft Communism has been noticed.

So, do your own research, turn off the media (aside from keeping track of the headlines), but aside from that - what do you suggest we do?


The US government was built on some very good principles. These include freedom and democracy. The Founding Fathers would be mortified to see what their nation has become today.

Any system or nation can be “played” into a certain direction. The current direction being taken by the leadership will result in either relative peace or a new Cold War. At the moment, the system in place is only concentrating on “brushfire wars” and proxy wars.


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