"Faithful Shepherds" - Where Does Your Bishop Stand? Website Rates The Bishops


Does your bishop allow divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Holy Communion? Does he publicly rebuke pro-abortion politicians? If you don’t know, Faithful Shepherds is here to help. We make sure you know exactly where your bishop stands on Church teaching…and we give you the opportunity to tell him about it. In brief, Faithful Shepherds encourages bishops to be faithful to Christ.


There is not enough information to judge any one according to this site.


Life Site’s bias is showing here.
Morlino, Chaput,Cordileone all have “good ratings”, many including my own Bishop don’t have enough data and a few, who tend to lean progressive; Cupich, Dolan, et.al. don’t measure up.

This is the last thing the Church in the US needs. We are divided enough and have far too many people too poorly catechized to even make these kinds of assessments.


It is a work in progress - hoping/expecting that people will add information on bishops, and the site can assimilate the data and pass it on.

I think it is an excellent and needed idea. This whole mess is in need of light (exposure, transparency).


I’ve looked at several bishops in Texas, and there’s “not enough information” on any of them except Cdl DiNardo of the Archdiocese of Houston. He holds up Church teaching on abortion. God bless and keep him.


More trad hit list propaganda.


Tis_Bearself - Does this imply that you are a ‘progressive’? p.s. I believe that God Himself is a ‘traditionalist’, that He tends to do TRUTH to same old way, both in time, and in eternity. Some say He is ‘boring, that way’.


I don’t classify myself. If others wish to do so, it’s a free country, have fun with that.


Catholics are not faithful or unfaithful due to their degree of being a traditionalist or conservative.

Complying with and believing Church teaching is referred to as being orthodox.

The opposite of orthodox is heterodox.


Waste of server space. They expect others to provide “evidence” on a postcard? I thought they condidered themselves journalists.


I suspect this link may infringe one of the fundamental house rules here at CAF, which is this:

Do not incite animosity towards anyone, especially the clergy.

I only glanced briefly at the link, but it seems to be based on a very simplified scoring system which gives each hishop a “pass” or “fail” on each of nine tests, without explaining why. Maybe @camoderator might care to take a look.


I DON’T have ‘fun with all that’ - it is indeed a very very sorry state of affairs. I hope you are getting prepared to dig very deep into your pockets, to fund the financial cost of what is about to break. I doubt very much whether the guilty clerics, past and present, will financially step up to the plate, in fiscal ‘compensation’ for their damage and misdeeds.


“Take care to do all things in harmony with God, with the bishop presiding in the place of God.” (St Ignatius of Antioch)


Going shopping for a bishop? This website is the equivalent of Yelp. Or Trivago. Or Angie’s List. Or Consumer Reports. Honestly, this is no way for faithful Catholics to view their bishops!

Next we’ll be putting bishops on TV shows like “America’s Got Faith” and “So You Think You Can Shepherd”.


Let no man judge, lest he has a blog to reference!


Is this your blog.


Contrary to those who think this will help something (how, exactly?), this to me is the exact opposite and a big part of the problem. Where does this notion come from that we need to compare bishops or that it will be productive in the least to give this public implication that we as laity have any say so in the matter of who our bishop is or what he thinks? This will further divisions, nothing more. I don’t recall Jesus praying for that in the garden…


CAF rules prohibit me from accurately expressing my opinion of that website.


Just say no to Life Site! The mainstream media spreads enough lies about the faith. We don’t need “Catholic” media adding to the confusion.


I used to read LifeSite in small doses because I saw them as reactionary. But with the Vigano letter many of their “sky is falling” warnings now seem more accurate.

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