Fake bishop kicked out of cardinals meeting [CNAU]

Mar 4, '13 6:00 am
A man dressed up in fake ecclesiastical robes was escorted out of a meeting of Catholic cardinals by Swiss Guards on Monday after trying to sneak into the closed-door Vatican meeting, reports AFP on Ninemsn.http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/cathnews/RSS/~4/BYA8wWJsbDU


It would appear that the Swiss Guards are better at their job than the Secret Service is at theirs.


At least this crasher didn’t make it inside.

Reminding us once again that the Church’s enemies, however powerful and numerous, are also profoundly stupid and puerile.


more here

He sounds like a very strange person.:eek:

Poor planning on his part. Just a few inches short of convincing. He plots to get into the Vatican, but doesn’t bother to double check his halloween costume against some photos on google?

“forcibly ejected”…I wonder how much force you actually have to use with one of those Swiss Guard lances to get someone moving…

What really gave him away was when he tried to say “Dominus vobiscum” (in Latin) :slight_smile:

Just kidding.

With any luck we’ll see it on Utube.

Here at least is a picture of his costume, complete with old black hat and thin lady’s scarf in place of a proper purple cummerbund. The cardinal’s red cummerbund rides above the waist and covers the seam between the upper and lower parts of the coat. The purple scarf sags several inches below that seam and hangs on it’s wearer’s butt.
Notice also the difference in fabric between his coat and the cardinal’s coat. His is not only shorter, it is made of a lightweight fabric that is badly wrinkled below the knees.

Pity. He had plenty of time to assemble something better. The amateurish quality of his costume doesn’t speak well for the quality of his message.

That Priest in the photograph (3rd from the left) is a member of the St. Charbel “Order”. They are banned in the Catholic Church and believe that their moderator (William Kamm) is going to be Petrus Romanus.

What makes you say that priest is part of the St. Charbel Order?

Pity. He had plenty of time to assemble something better.

This was my first thought, too, actually. Not that a man tried to sneak into the meeting of the college of cardinals (although I almost wonder if he meant to get caught…he’s certainly getting more publicity than he would had he sat quietly through a meeting)…but that he did such a bad job of it. You spend all this time plotting to sneak in, including traveling to Rome, and you end up in a wrinkled cassock with a woman’s scarf wrapped around your tail end?


And…he probably could have gotten away with the hat, if other things had been in order. Its only a fedora. I wear one myself with my overcoat, and they’re not THAT uncommon to see among clergy.



In the link it shows a flash presentation of his “Ordination” and its on the “St. Charbel Order”.

See, this is why Catholic Answer Forum simply needs a “like” button…so I’ll give a :thumbsup: to your witty comment.

But as soon as Napierski had gained access to the conference, he was forcibly removed by Swiss Guards.

Please let there be a video. :rotfl:

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