Fake News About the DaVinci Encoded Tomb of the Holy Family


From The Jerusalem Post :stuck_out_tongue:

Leonardo emerges from Talpiot tomb to redo ‘Last Supper’

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The peerless 15th century scientist, engineer and artist Leonardo da Vinci mastered the secrets of immortality, faked his own death, spent centuries living in a cave in what is today’s East Talpiot, and has now re-emerged under the identity of Israeli-Canadian filmmaker Simcha Jacobodavinci, according to the findings of a sensational new documentary and book to be released this week. Entitled “The Jacobodavinci Code,” the documentary is subtitled: “The eyes, the flair, the facial-hair - Len and Simcha are an unmissable pair.”

The documentary’s extraordinary claims have been dismissed as “completely ridiculous rubbish without any remotely conceivable basis whatsoever,” by the Jerusalem-based archeologist Prof. Amos Kolknower, who shares the same father, and mother, as da Vinci and grew up with him in Vinci, Italy.

But the documentary makers have countered Kolknower’s critique in a complex and thoroughly argued press release that stated, in full: “We don’t care what he says. So, boo-hoo! Ours is a great yarn, and by the time anyone disproves it completely we’ll be on to the next project.”

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“The filmmakers claim to have undertaken ultra-modern patina testing of some of Da Vinci’s paperwork relating to the painting, and established beyond all statistical doubt that he actually called the work ‘Maria Lisa’ and that it had been misread as ‘Mona’ rather than ‘Maria’ because an errant bread crumb had landed over the ‘ari,’ blotching the lettering.”

Errant bread crumb? :smiley:

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