Fake News: CNN Falsely Claims Clarence Thomas Accused of Sexual Assault


Fake News: CNN Falsely Claims Clarence Thomas Accused of Sexual Assault

Robert Kraychik 9 Oct 2018 Breitbart News

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins inaccurately claimed on Monday that Justice Clarence Thomas had been accused of sexual assault during his nomination hearings in late 1991. Her CNN colleague Kate Bolduan further neglected to correct the false statement.

Incredible. Kaitlin Collins of @CNN reports that Clarence Thomas was accused of sexual assault. No producer catches it, nor any colleagues. No correction.@brianstelter ? I’m not even suggesting maliciousness but where is everyone? pic.twitter.com/yT8QKtdr0Z

— Tom Shattuck (@tomshattuck) October 9, 2018

. . . Collins said, “As President Trump was saying that this shows that you are still innocent until proven guilty. Clarence Thomas was seen clapping in the room. I don’t know if any of the other justices were, but Clarence Thomas, who of course, during his confirmation hearings was also accused of sexual assault, was there clapping, as well.”

A September-published article at CNN — ostensibly a timeline of the FBI’s investigation of Anita Hill’s allegations against Thomas in 1991 — makes no mention of “assault,” “physical,” “threat,” or “violence” in reference to Thomas. It notes that Thomas was accused of sexual harassment. . . .

. . . CNN markets itself as a politically objective and non-partisan news media outlet, previously branding itself “The Most Trusted Name In News.” Its’ current slogan is “Facts First.”


They probably weren’t even born when that happened!


That sounds like them. I think they misconstrued, erred in the facts before… similar scenario.


Hereiam . . .

Lying is always despicable, whether from CNN or Donald Trump . . .

The thread is 13 minutes old.

I wondered how long it would take to drag President Trump into this in a negative manner.

Now I know.


Let us hope Clarence Thomas’ lawyers send a strongly worded letter to stupid ol’ CNN.


Hillary should be ashamed, but she has no shame!


Sorry, you can say that about any president.


If we’re discussing Presidential lies, I’m waiting for someone to bring up Bill Clinton, Tricky Dicky, LBJ, and possibly even good ol’ FDR (who I like, but he def played games if not outright lied)


What outrage?


according to the office on Women’s health (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services) "Sexual assault can also be verbal, visual, or non-contact. It is anything that forces a person to join in unwanted sexual activities or attention. Other examples can include:

Voyeurism, or peeping (when someone watches private sexual acts without consent);
Exhibitionism (when someone exposes himself or herself in public);
Sexual harassment or threats;
Forcing someone to pose for sexual pictures;
Sending someone unwanted texts or “sexts” (texting sexual photos or messages).

Facts do matter.


They (CNN) should probably be banned from being a trusted news source…?


That brought a chuckle… :slight_smile:


That photo was photo shopped, right???


yes, do you recognition who ls in the painting


Kaitlan Collins just misspoke on camera. It was not a CNN claim or a lie. Just an incidental slip that was not even the main story. Big whoop…:expressionless:


It should be “sounds like her.” It was one person speaking extemporaneously. I went to the CNN website linked to read what was written. Twice it referred to Clarence Thomas being accused. Both times it said sexual harassment. CNN is guilty, as are most news networks, of hiring a pretty talking head as opposed to an experience journalist that understands the need for accuracy.


Fair enough…lets start a list…a list of all lies and mistruths (not just things that can’t be readily disputed, or things we don’t agree with) and see which one is longer.

I’ll start (and even give an inconsequential lie…but there are 5000 to chose from):

More people watched the inauguration than ever before:

“The overall audience was, I think, the biggest ever to watch an inauguration address, which was a great thing,” the president said on Jan. 26, six days after he was sworn in.

Now…your turn…add just one of any lies uttered by all the Presidents throughout history, and others…add one Trump mistruth, and see how his list grows like Pinnochio’s nose!


A bombastic bumbler crowing about an inauguration crowd isn’t exactly on the same level with perjury (Clinton), covering up burglaries/ wiretapping/ money laundering etc (Tricky), concealing the scale of a war (LBJ and probably the three guys before him), or FDR “lying the US into war”.

I really don’t think Trump is subtle or skilled enough to maintain any important lie for very long, unlike all of the political careerists I listed above. He talks too much and would blow his cover to the press in about 2 days if that. Moreover, he’s the kind of person who’d probably brag about breaking into the DNC offices rather than spend a year covering up that he ordered it.

Here’s a nice article on Presidential lies from CNN, who I presume you like based on your politics:

Here’s another fun one

To be a politician is to be a liar.


Nobody’s begging and your insults will not deter me. I will not be intimidated. There’s lots of Trump threads, you choose to derail a thread that is about CNN and Clarence Thomas.

And what Trump says, embellishment, error in statements, it’s rather a presumption to say someone is lying. You don’t know what is in their mind.

Besides, booming economy, North Korea at the negotiating table, ISIS beaten back. Historic lows of unemployment, unemployment rates historically low for some minorities. This is what people care about. It’s easy to err in stating facts.

Not if the size of an audience is misstated. You are taking this off-topic for some reason.


You teach the children from the Catechism, where everyone is entitled to the benefit of the doubt. There is a whole section on offenses against the truth. Including:

2478 To avoid rash judgment, everyone should be careful to interpret insofar as possible his neighbor’s thoughts, words, and deeds in a favorable way:

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