Fake News: WaPo’s Christopher Ingraham Spreads Falsehood from Mueller Indictment


Fake News: WaPo’s Christopher Ingraham Spreads Falsehood from Mueller Indictment

Joshua Caplan 13 Jul 2018 Breitbart News

The Washington Post‘s Christopher Ingraham is the latest reporter to tweet erroneous information about President Donald Trump, only to provide a (much less viral) clarification after a fact check spoiled his fantasy of “out in the open” Russian collusion.

Ingraham, a data reporter for the Jeff Bezos-owned newspaper, claimed Russian hackers first targeted members of the Clinton campaign following candidate Trump’s joke about retrieving the former Secretary of State’s deleted emails. Ingraham made this connection based on a passage in the Justice Department’s indictment of 12 Russian intelligence operatives. . . .

. . . Ingraham then laid out the conspiracy theory, in case anyone missed the implication: “Trump called on Russia to hack the Clinton campaign, and they did." . . .

. . . Less than 10 minutes after Ingraham’s faux-discovery, Vox reporter Andrew Prokop corrected Ingraham, noting the indictment actually states the alleged hackers launched spearphishing attacks against more than 30 Clinton campaign staffers on April 6, 2016. Prokop further noted Donald Trump’s joke was about Hillary Clinton’s missing emails from her personal, unsecured server used for State Department business — not those of her presidential campaign. . . .

. . . Ingraham later conceded to botching the story’s timeline . . .

. . . Ingraham is hardly the first establishment reporter to share a hot scoop on Twitter — only to reveal its baselessness after the claim goes viral among left-wing verified accounts. NBC’s Capitol Hill reporter Leigh Ann Caldwell made a wholly unsubstantiated claim Tuesday that President Trump and Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy negotiated a secret deal assuring Brett Kavanaugh would be nominated to the bench. . . .


but how many will not hear the correction to the fake news?
the fake news makes lots of noise, the
corrections are often overlooked or disregarded by some.
that is probably what the people are hoping for who put out the lies and half truths!


The correction WAS made.

Should they email it to all the people who read it the first time?

People choose to be poorly informed.


Everyone knows sensational news (whether fake or real) travels faster are further than boring news. We saw that very clearly in the social media frenzy at the time of the 2016 election.


Tick Tock…time is running out for the Liar in Chief…its going to play out like the movie Office Spaces that after he is booted by impeachment or election he will hide in the white house basement pretending he has not been fired, except he will be claiming his departure is fake news.


This story involved tweets of Ingraham, not WaPo news.


dvdjs . . .

This story involved tweets of Ingraham, not WaPo news.

That is part of MY reluctance to NOT label these things as “Fake News”. (See my reluctance to label Andrea Mitchell fake news as fake here too)

But in this case I won’t take issue with others asserting it is not only because he is a WaPo reporter, but because even after knowing the facts, he left the false story up.

It may be down now, but at least at the time of the article, Christopher I. had not taken down the wrong information.

There are other reasons why I could understand SOME people may label this as fake news as well.


It would be more accurate to say “tweet” rather than “story”.
How many sentence was the “story”? Which WaPo editor reviewed it?

It is bad that the erred. But his tweeting is not WaPo news.


When employers hire employees, they are careful to tell them that what they do on their own outside of the work environment, still reflects on all of the people at the place of employment.

I’ve heard it told to employees, “You never really take off your hat from here when you walk out there.” “You in a sense, represent us.”

Most employers do this, especially if they are hiring many people.

Employers put clauses in their employment contracts because what you say or do outside of work DOES reflect on everyone back at the place of employment.

A WaPo reporter personally Tweeting Fake News, I probably would not label as such. (Others would.)

A WaPo reporter personally Tweeting Fake News, being corrected and leaving it up I might label as such. (More people would.)

A WaPo reporter professionally Tweeting Fake News on the WaPo website (not the case here), I would label as Fake News. (Some others would not.)

An exeption here is home-based news people. Self-styled journalist (who might work at mainstread journalist outlets in their day job too by the way).

Since THEY are acting as journalists in their Tweets (self-styled or not), they too need to be accountable to journalistic standards.

The more they try to be “journalists”, even on their Twitter accounts, the more culpability they bring upon themselves in their journalism.

I personally usually give these journalists a pass on the fake news label if it is limited to their Twitter, FB, etc. account. (As I said. Just like I gave even Andrea Mitchell a pass on that here)

But I understand why others do NOT too.


dvdjs . . .

But his tweeting is not WaPo news.

The title did not say it was . . . “WaPo news” . . .

The title said . . . “WaPo’s Christopher Ingraham”. . .


Indeed. And I did not post to the OP. I poster to another poster who seemed unclear on the facts of this discussion topic.


It’s the kind of reporting expected from the Washington Post anymore, sadly.


Of course it is not reporting from the Washing Post.


But he works for the Washington Post and his tweets should be a reflection of his employment when he tweets regarding


I think that all people, when posting to open fora, have a responsibility to get it right, and ti prefects badly on them, and potentially others associated with the when they get it wrong. I think that it rue about posts ade here.At the same time, there is a difference between items put up causally and those disseminated professionally.


Since you don’t have a subscription to the WaPo, I’m guessing that you dont read a very wide sample of the paper’s content. They adhere to high journalistic standards; when a mistake is made, they print a correction. If standards are not respected by a reporter, the reporter is sanctioned with unpaid leave and on occasion dismissal.

Opinion and analysis pieces are authored by individuals who hold a variety of viewpoints, At any one time, there will be commentaries that express viewpoints from left, right, center and points in between. In my opinion, The WaPo is a shining, honest-to-God example of what an American newspaper should be.



(The Washington Post) adhere(s) to high journalistic standards; . . . .

There is clearly some truth to that HCTC.

But there are also people who think it is “The Washington Compost”.

There is some truth in both claims.

The Free Beacon, who appears to be the only members of the media on site covering the conference, has obtained internal documents meant only for attendees that detail the conference’s agenda and those who are currently at the gathering. Janell Ross, a Washington Post reporter, is allegedly at the summit, but is listed as being on a “getting the economic narrative right” panel at the conference.

Following publication of the story on early Friday morning, there has been a noticeable increase in security personnel at the resort. These reporters noticed that the original itinerary also appears to have been altered.

Diners also now have to identify their names and room numbers upon sitting down at the restaurant, which was not required yesterday, as these reporters discovered this morning. . . .

. . . Friday’s headliners include liberal billionaire George Soros, who was introduced by a video message from Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.), and House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who is scheduled to speak at the network’s dinner. . . .

1/2 . . .


2/2 . . .

Again . . .

Following publication of the story on early Friday morning, there has been a noticeable increase in security personnel at the resort. These reporters noticed that the original itinerary also appears to have been altered.

Incidentally. This is “increased security” (almost without a doubt armed security) is for people who insist YOU cannot and should not have arms for YOUR security.


Back to the story . . .

Washington Post reporter Janelle Ross sat on a panel at a secret gathering of Democrats where she offered strategic advice, according to a report by the Washington Free Beacon. Left-wing billionaire George Soros was also in attendance.

Ross presents herself and is presented by the Post as an objective journalist. She primarily covers politics and race, and much of her focus is on the Trump administration. Nevertheless, Ross’s Twitter feed is that of a left-wing activist, and back in 2015, with no evidence, Ross smeared then-presidential candidate Jeb Bush in such a sleazy way, even MSNBC felt the need to push back.

According to the Beacon, the Washington Post journalist “gave a presentation at a secretive California gathering where Democratic politicians, liberal activists, and their biggest donors plotted the future of the progressive movement[.]”

The Post claims to have known nothing about their reporter’s attendance, and told the Beacon that Ross has been “reminded” about the Post’s policy when it comes to attending events that “could be perceived as partisan.” . .

. . The secret gathering was organized by the Democracy Alliance, and Ross’s panel reportedly dealt directly with Democrats responding to their 2016 loss. . . .

. . . The Beacon discovered that Ross’s panel “was sandwiched by a talk with liberal billionaire George Soros . . .

. . . Outside of the elite enclaves of Manhattan and DC, and second only to CNN, the Washington Post has become a national laughingstock; a news outlet widely seen as a partisan fake news factory that cannot and should not be believed.

Emphasis mine.



I just don’t think the “journalistic standards” at WaPo are as “high” as some people might have been led to believe.



Washington Post reporter who spoke at liberal event put on leave



In what way is the immigration status of Melanie Trump’s parents not an example of chain migration? Is Melania not a naturalized citizen? Did her parents not get a visa and a green card because their daughter is a citizen?

“President Trump is meeting with congressional leaders at Camp David this weekend, and immigration is at the top of the agenda. Trump has a long list of demands, among them - eliminating the nation’s, quote, “horrible system” of so-called chain migration, a byproduct of the family visa system. Through September of last year, family visas made up roughly 37 percent of all immigration visas to the United States.”


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