Fake rape woman jailed [CN-USA]

Falsely accusing a man of raping her was “one of the worst things that can happen in our criminal justice system”, a Manhattan judge told Biurny Peguero as he sentenced her to prison.


He spent 4 years in prison for nothing. She’ll spend 1-3 years in prison for lying to everyone who would listen.


We need to keep them both in our prayers.

Poor guy. Seriously how can such a thing take place?

Some crimes contain such an emotional content that juries are inclined to ignore burden of proof. Medical experts that testify have no sort of double blind to help them maintain objectivity. Thus, if they are looking for rape, they are far more likely to find it.

Also, there is not sufficient punishment to those who lie. A false witness should bear the full burden of guilt for the crime the bear false witness against. In that, the Mosaic Law was more effective than ours.

People who lie should definitely be punished much more harshly. Emotionally-charged crimes like this cause people to jump the gun, and if you are doubtful you look pro-rape or something. And with sex crimes, there isn’t always a lot of evidence so people feel bad ignoring the testimony of a supposed victim. It happens a lot, and it’s terrible. Especially with celebrities and wealthy people - people who lie to sue for money about such terrible things should face huge jail sentences, especially if they commit perjury.

Couldn’t agree more.

She may be deported when she finishes her sentence. Although she is a legal resident of the US, and married to a US citizen, she is a citizen of the Dominican Republic.

Although I agree with those who want to see her punished severely that may not be the best idea.
She came forth more or less voluntarily – what about others who are harboring similar secrets? Do we want them to be afraid to finally come forward?

Yes. We want false witnesses and liars afraid to come forward. This woman was not a rape victim. Her fate has nothing to do with real rape victims. It is unfortunate that in this crime, there is often not enough evidence to convict a rapist, but we can not convict on the basis of one witness. Ever.

She is a young Catholic woman who realized she made a mistake. Don’t forget she is a still a part of our family keep her and Mr. McCaffrey in our prayers.

When it came down to it our Catholic sister did the right thing. She has two young sons I hope she gets released soon so she can raise her children.

IMHO it took some guts for her to do what she did; how many other people would do that?

When it came down to it our Catholic sister did the right thing.

How can you defend this woman? She clearly broke the 8th commandment and was completely unrepentant about it until she got caught red-handed. Do you know what happens to convicted rapists in jail? It’s one thing to pray for her soul (which obviously needs it), it’s another to try to excuse what she did.

They found new DNA evidence that proved that she lied, she ran crying to her priest, and he told her to turn herself in. They would have re-opened the case, anyway. She just rushed to confess to get a lighter sentence.


Women do this kind of thing all the time, and they’re rarely prosecuted for it. You don’t have to produce any evidence at all for a rape conviction. It’s pure he said/she said. You can even convict a married man of raping his wife, even if there’s no physical evidence of abuse (a popular weapon in custody/divorce battles). Even up to six years later!

Instead of the woman having to prove she’d been raped, a man has to prove that he didn’t rape her. But how can you prove that when there is no evidence to prove that you even had sex? Such as in this case, where all evidence pointed to the fact that they hadn’t had sex, whether consensual or forced.

It is insane. This has happened to a man that I know personally, although she recanted. But it ruined his life and his health.

I think he has a case for suing the state for false imprisonment…pain and suffering…slander…I hope he gets a bundle…

This is a topic I don’t know anything about. A little bit of Googling shows that New York is one of the 27 states in the US which do allow persons who have been falsely convicted to seek compensation. But according to The Innocence Project, many of those 27 states restrict that right. For example, if the wrongfully convicted person had prior unrelated felonies, s/he is ineligible to seek compensation in some states. And Mr. McCaffrey reportedly had a long record of drug and violence arrests (I’m not sure about convictions.)

How familiar are you with New York’s compensation procedures? I fear McCaffrey may not be eligible. However, I would be happy to be wrong about this.

I will agree with everything you say, except the release part. Justice requires that she serve her time. He spent four years in prison as a result of her lie. She will get 1-3 years. Even when we are forgiven of or sins, we still must bear the consequences and, as any parent can tell you, our children too suffer for our failures.

Yes, she was very courageous to take responsibility for this henious crime. Hopefully, her courage will inspire her children in her absence. In this sense she is raising her children.

I have no idea…I think this law is unjust…I would ask the Supreme Court to hear my case…No innocent person should be railroaded no matter what their past is

It is unjust ,and certianly from ym POV, unchristian

I can defend this woman by the news articles that was posted; which didn’t say anything about new DNA evidence.

The one you posted didn’t say she was caught red-handed; then ran to her Priest.

So what do you suggest we do; put her put against a wall and shoot her? I’m a Catholic I say we pray for all people involved.

Nobody is a winner here.

Agreed I didn’t say get released now I consider 1-3 years justifiable.

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