Fallen Catholics


Pray for my fellow classmates…the semester is almost over and I won’t be there to counter their athiest claims anymore. At least 2 or 3 of them have claimed they were raised Catholic but hated the fact their parents were “too religious and closed minded”. (What is it about honors students that makes them think they’re too smart to believe in God?) Pray, too, for the fallen Catholics mentioned above. I can only hope they’ll let God into their hearts if not now, then someday…

Pray for all the college students who are exposed to an increasing number of humanistic, atheistic, and agnostic classmates while you’re at it, please!


Praying for these Catholics and all people having a “crisis of faith”.


Praying…but also recommending you contact FOCUS.




Just pray for them!


i will be :signofcross:


I will pray for them, but moreover I will pray for effective Catechesis and that those who seek to become Catholic actually want to be.


This same thing happened to me at my college as well.

Praying for them and all who encounter this difficulty!!


A Prayer for the Preservation of Faith - St. Clement Hofbauer

*O my Redeemer,
will that dreadful time ever come,
when but few Christians shall be left
who are inspired by the spirit of faith,
that time when Thine anger shall be provoked
and Thy protection shall be take away from us?
Have our vices and our evil lives
irrevocably moved Thy justice to take vengeance,
perhaps this very day,
upon Thy children?
O Thou, the beginning and end of our faith,
we conjure Thee,
in the bitterness of our contrite and humbled hearts,
not to suffer the fair light of faith
to be extinguished in us.
Remember Thy mercies of old,
turn Thine eyes in mercy upon the vineyard
planted by Thine own right hand,
and watered by the sweat of the Apostles,
by the precious blood of countless Martyrs
and by the tears of so many sincere penitents,
and made fruitful by the prayers
of so many Confessors and innocent Virgins.
O divine Mediator,
look upon those zealous souls
who raise their hearts to Thee
and pray ceaselessly
for the maintenance of that most precious gift of Thine,
the true faith.
We beseech Thee,
O God of justice,
to hold back the decree of our rejection,
and to turn away Thine eyes from our vices
and regard instead the adorable Blood
shed upon the Cross,
which purchased our salvation
and daily intercedes for us upon our altars.
Ah, keep us safe in the true Catholic and Roman faith.
Let sickness afflict us,
vexations waste us,
misfortunes overwhelm us!
But preserve in us Thy holy faith;
for if we are rich with this precious gift,
we shall gladly endure every sorrow,
and nothing shall ever be able to change our happiness.
On the other hand,
without this great treasure of faith,
our unhappiness would be unspeakable and without limit!
O good Jesus, author of our faith,
preserve it untainted within us;
keep us safe in the bark of Peter,
faithful and obedient to his successor
and Thy Vicar here on earth,
that so the unity of Holy Church may be maintained,
holiness fostered,
the Holy See protected in freedom,
and the Church universal extended
to the benefit of souls.
O Jesus, author of our faith,
humble and convert the enemies of Thy Church;
grant true peace
and concord to all Christian kings and princes
and to all believers;
strengthen and preserve us in Thy holy service,
so that we may live in Thee and die in Thee.
O Jesus, author of our faith,
let me live for Thee and die for Thee.



In my prayers.


I´m in. Praying for these guys. They are many. But things will change. With prayers.


praying for them, and others who have lost their faith.




The same happened to me while at college, and it took me 20 years to return. I’ll be praying for them.


They are in my prayer. God bless!


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