Fallen Priests and Sacraments

Yes, because if there is a priest available – other than the one who directly harmed the person in question – then that person should go to that other priest for the sacraments!

There isn’t another priest available… he is the only one there. Its okay if you don’t have an answer, but its not a hypothetical question.

No other parish? Not down the road? Not in the neighboring town? Nowhere?

And he directly harmed you personally?

Then I’d offer this advice:

  • please let the diocese know the way in which he harmed you, so that they might be in the position to begin the process of investigation, with the goal of removing him from active ministry if appropriate
  • please seek pastoral counseling, so that you yourself might begin the process of healing

I’ll pray for you and for your healing…!

So until that happens I’d either deny myself God Grace because I cant get pass knowing what I know about the person giving it… or accept God’s Grace, knowing the person giving it is unimportant.

I understand. Psalms 23

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