Falling face first into a fire at 7 months & now a friar


Friar Juan Maria has a beautiful witness:

Falling face first into a fire at the age of 7 months of age and following dozens of surgery to his face, he overcame the challenges of such trauma with Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary. He now joyfully lives as a Little Friar, studying in Rome to become a Priest.

Click here to see a short feature on Friar Juan’s witness on EWTN’s News Nightly:

Here is a link to the full written article on Catholic News Agency:


Thank you Poor Friars for sharing this story,much appreciated:)


Wow, I actually remember a story years ago on this very same tragic case. It has haunted me ever since. What a marvelous conclusion!


He looks pretty good for all he has been through. Glad he has found a good path to a happy and productive life. God bless him.


Yes, Friar Juan is a joy and treasure to our community. He, like a little bird loves to sing and make us all happy!


Yes, he has not only found “A” good path, but “THE” best life for him - God’s will!

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