Falling Skies - Summer Series on TNT


Has anyone seen it?

I’m curious what your thoughts are. I’ve enjoyed it so far, and I noticed the presence of prayer, specifically from Catholics, throughout the series.

(Honestly surprised that it hasn’t shown up in the forum as far as I can tell.)

Yes.Glad to hear it.

I saw the two hour pilot episode and wasn´t too impressed with it. I may have to watch one or two more episodes before deciding whether I will invest my time in watching this series from beginning to end.

Will keep you updated.

God bless

I’ve enjoyed it…I watch it on Xfinity as it’s on too late for me…I go to bed at 9:00…plus I can speed thru the commercials.

It’s on too late for me, so I tape it, and Miss Bonnie and I watch it later in the week. It’s not bad; I also appreciate the role that prayer seems to be playing. I do think it’s a little unrealistic, especially the biped robots. On the other hand, the aliens’ use of an EMP to disable Earth’s electronics is something I’ve said all along that I would do, if I were an invading alien race.

Solid storyline for a Sci Fi, and a positive portrayal of Catholics praying, what more could you want? I mean, its not solid and the theology mentioned so far is far from clear orthodoxy, but at least they have roles (primarily one) that put a positive light on Catholics. In other words it will probably be canceled or they will corrupt the faith element more.

I wasn’t incredibly impressed with the pilot either, but I’ve stuck with it so far, and I’ve thought that it’s been decent so far.

I hope that they bring some of the ethical/moral questions of an alien invasion to the forefront - it could make the show a bit more intellectually stimulating.

I am so excited to watch that show because of the girl in it who is Catholic! Even though the show isn’t as good over all about a box office hit, I think Catholic should support the show. The story line is actually pretty good. I know it’s not a show to teach the theology of the Catholic faith, but shouldn’t we be glad we are represented?! So far I don’t see much wrong with the girl’s words or actions in the show.

I did find a theme of the show that could really tie in to Christianity. When the kids who used to have the harness on would talk about how it was with the “skidders” (aliens) they would say how they gave them what they needed right when they needed it and it felt as if they really cared about them, in one of the episodes it shows the aliens even petting the children. I was kind of confused, I was trying to find something wrong with that side of the story. I knew the aliens could not love them, but it was hard not to find evidence to contradict that. Then in Sanctuarary pt 2 the children were at a farm with people who were going to hand them over to the aliens for the adults’ temporary safety. The were trying to escape. One of the childrens parents was with them trying to escape. The bad men were shooting at them and going after them.(the child once had the harness and when he had it removed, he had been disrespectful to his father) The parent decided to stay and fend off the bad men as long as he could, but he knew he was going to die. The father sacrificed his life for his son. That is true love. I realized that’s what made the difference from the men and the aliens relationship to the children. The aliens only used the children as a shield, but a man would lay down his life for the child. Just as Jesus Christ Sacraficed His life so that we may have life. The children cannot be happy with the false care the aliens brainwash them in to. I hope they make this connection to true love and Christ in the show.

I just watched the two hour season finale a couple of nights ago. I thought it was a pretty decent show. There’s very little good sci-fi left on television since the Sci-Fi Channel became the SyFy or “Syphilis” Channel as I like to call it. (It’s like syphilis for your mind!) These days, I’ll take it where I can get it; I often end up hopping across the pond to BBC America and watching Doctor Who.

A lot of people keep noting the positive depiction of Catholics in the show, which I appreciated, but it really isn’t a major enough factor in the show just to like it for that reason alone.

Interesting side note, last October at the New York Comic Con, I saw Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood apparently promoting the show. I couldn’t get their autographs as the line was closed. I arrived late because Katee Sackhoff (of Battlestar Galactica) was late to her autograph signing, and I was waiting in line for that. I was kind of disappointed because I was looking forward to looking Noah Wyle in the face and telling him how much I thought TNT’s Librarian TV movies sucked (pardon my French of course).

Has anyone out there seen them? They truly are aweful.

“Blue Bloods”, starring Tom Selleck, depicts a Catholic family of NYPD. Tom insisted on no profanity, and the program always shows a weekly family dinner. The stories are good.
Support one of the few programs depicting Catholicism in a favorable light.

Love the show…good reference to faith, family and moral values.

I highly recommend it. It may not have the dramatic tension of Battlestar Galactica or the wittiness of Doctor Who…but is greatly entertaining.

I am getting tired of stories where the aliens are all-destroying monsters. The aliens in my novel are nice. Naive, but nice.

Well, the aliens on Falling Skies may turn out to be a bit more complex than it initially appeared, given the turn of events at the end of the season (and some of the hints earlier).

My prediction: the aliens did not initially recognize humans as being truly sentient beings.

I may be wrong about this.

But “naive but nice” aliens sound interesting:)


remember the actor is not responsible for the writing, the directing, or the production.

I am so sick of all the reality tv and shows with everyone in bed with everyone else…I have a show that the family can watch.

I have to say I am enjoying the series (I’m not through yet). I really like the theme of parental love and humanity.

I have to say this would have been an awfully uncharitable act if you had been able to do it.

The thought of a Catholic doing this makes me feel very sick and sad. How can a Catholic think that such behavior is acceptable.

The writers are apparently taking the approach that as the humans gain an understanding of the aliens, the viewers will go along as they find more clues. I think there were some logic errors. And ** spoilers ** start here: The appearance of the more humanoid aliens in the season finale suggests they think controlling other beings, including the Skitters, is a good thing. The girl told the Noah Wyle character that they couldn’t understand our resistance to them and that they wanted to talk. I’m thinking that this may mean the humanoid aliens have a Utopia in mind where all beings under their control will do productive things, as their servants, while they continue their, as yet, unrevealed agenda on earth. Could earth just become another spaceport as they continue their plan of bringing utopia via mind control to all other sentient beings in the universe? The message of the humanoid aliens could be: “We will reorder your society by giving you useful work and help you avoid killing each other in future wars.”

The show is OK but not great.


Why do we have to wait until next summer for more episodes?

I was waiting for weeks for Falling Skies to start. Finally, I saw the pilot show and I was just absolutely disappointed with it. I love sci fi but I saw no originality in the pilot show. It reminded me of the movie Red Dawn. Just replace the aliens with the Russians taking over America and then here comes the tough resistance to save the day. Or you can compare it to Independence Day or Battlefield Los Angeles. Same scenario in my eyes. But I continued watching the Falling Skies series.
The movie Super 8 (a Steven Spielberg/J J Abrams production) also gave me less hope that the Falling Skies series was going to be any good. I watch the tv series Fringe and that show just blows my mind. Its one of the best put together shows I’ve watched in a long time. J J Abrams seems to know how to keep the audience wondering what will happen next in this tv series. But Super 8, in my eyes, wasn’t even a sci fi movie; it was just a nostalgic movie about life in a small town during the late seventies/early eighties. So Steven Spielberg’s Falling Skies already had two strikes against it after the first few shows and his movie Super 8.
However, yes there is a however, the last two shows of Falling Skies and the season finale were peaking my interest again. Hopefully, the writers of Falling Skies can take this show to new heights. Maybe Steven Spielberg can borrow a few ideas from the Fringe writers or pickup something leftover from the now defunct NBC show The Event (which my wife and I both enjoyed but I guess the rest of America didn’t). I wish we didn’t have to wait till the summer of 2012 to see the next season (aren’t the Mayans or Aztecs predicting the world will end by May of 2012?)

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