False accusations at work


Has anyone struggled with workplace difficulties, including false accusations and bullying at work? What’s helped you get through. Are there stories of lives of the saints that you have found helpful in facing these situations? I’m reading Padre Pio which helps, but still struggling with despair over the situation.


False Accusations fall apart if you’re actively covering your rear. Take notes and keep track of dates and times! Do you belong to a Union? File a Grievance! Don’t have a Union? Complain to HR.


Accusations from who? Union grievances are generally filed against management and/or HR over actions that go against a collective agreement. One wouldn’t to my knowledge be able file a grievance against a co-worker (likely a fellow union member) though a complaint to the union about a fellow union member may be a better option in my opinion than reporting them to management. A complaint to HR might be an option if the company is big enough to have one though keep in mind that Human Resources have gone beyond their original raison d’etre and in many cases may just be more or less another extension of management and can be comprised of “company men” (or in HR, likely women) that are friends with other managers. Worked in these environments myself and am glad to be out.



Cardinal Bernardin’s book, The Gift of Peace, helped me through a job loss situation due to false accusations.


Do the accusations relate directly to your work and responsibilities, or are they of a more personal or social nature?


Start looking for an other job RIGTH NOW. I stayed in a very toxic place for too long and it ruined my career. I thought I could deal with it, I thought at the end the truth will prevail. Not only I ended up loosing my job in a ‘strategical’ layoff but the slander followed me even after years.


My first job was a complete train wreck.
I was not experienced enough for the position (nor were most of my co-workers).
My boss was desperate to please her higher ups.
The workload was unsafe.
We took out our stress on each other.

I fixed it by leaving that position for a lower paying and lower stress job while I licked my wounds, studied like crazy and got my self-confidence back.


Yes and I hate it.

Usually someone blaming you to protect themselves from their mistake.

Praying and hopefully changing jobs very soon which I should have changed a long time ago.


I havent. But at the beginning of last year my wife had a very hard time with bullying by a specific manager at her work. We tried to fight it and bring it up with Senior management but they didn’t want to hear it and ended up disciplining my wife for gross insubordination.
They basically lied through their teeth and tried to force my wife to leave by making her life difficult.

In the end she got a better job and left that. But it was hard for the few months that it lasted. I often think I would love to pursue it further asthey are local “pillar of the community” types who own the business and it’s somewhat sickening that my wife got little in the way of justice.


Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I’m not a union employee. We had a change in leadership, and the manager might be threatened by me because I was up for her job (and nearly got it). Two coworkers who support her have made major mistakes, screamed at me in front of customers, when I basically tried to placate them, then to avoid scrutiny, they falsely accused me of what they did to me. So not only was I attacked, I now have Hr blaming me for what they did to me. Its been like this for several years now. It’s truly bizarre. HR seems uninterested in getting input from others, and disregarded my documentation. I know I should leave and am, I just feel stupid for not trying to leave earlier and am heartbroken. My reputation matters to me, behaving respectfully and with integrity matters to me, and now my name has been dragged through the mud. It’s just hard. Thank you for any recommendations!


They have to do with claims that I communicated inappropriately, and that I said something when in fact, I had not said anything as alleged and they were the ones who shouted at me, in front of customers no less, But it might be that they are protecting themselves from scrutiny by falsely accusing me first. So far it’s working.


I went through something similar in at the end of my career. I had been unwell for about a year at that time but had not sought any medical treatment. We had a leadership change and the new boss was a person who had been demoted to the position. He needed someone to punish and that was me. I had always been the outsider at that particular work site and never joined in any of the social activities with co-workers. I was a counselor in a prison and kept my personal life very private even from co-workers.

False accusations were made and as soon as one was proved false another one popped up. All this caused whatever health issues I was having to escalate. I started having panic attacks. Prior to having one myself, I believed panic attacks were just histrionics. I saw my doctor and explained what was going on. He gave me something for the anxiety but things at work just kept escalating to the point I could hard function on a physical level. When I saw my doctor he put me on medical leave and I left my job. I knew I wasn’t ever going back there, so I took all of my personal stuff from my office.

Long story short, that started a two year search for answers for my health condition, a cancer scare, and real fear of ending up in a wheel chair before my 55th birthday, and a possible liver transplant. However my doctors were able to diagnose my problems and successfully treat me. I was able to return to work after three years in a much different environment. I am the director of youth ministry at my parish and life is very different today.

God has a way of leading us to the place he wants us to be. When I left my job of close to 20 years on medical leave, something told me I would never come back, I never did. A year later I knew I had to move to another town to get treated correctly for my medical issues, and I moved. Two year later I had a pretty random conversation with my priest and now I have the job I have. God leads us if we let him. It takes a step in faith, a really big step, a leap really, but God uses our circumstances to move us.


Find another job and then make a complaint with the court for pain and suffering or loss of income if you take a lower salary. 90%+ of matters are settled by defendants before they go forward. Might only cost you $100 to file some paperwork noting your truthful experience. Would cost them far more to get lawyers involved, deal with it etc. And yes documentation is important. You’ll notice HR and management document EVERYTHING. Take a page from them.


I will only say DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT and DOCUMENT some more. If push comes to shove you won’t have to rely on your memory for specifics. Praying for your situation because unpleasantness at work cause some VERY serious stress.


Wow. So much of this makes sense. My husband has said similar things in the past, but I thought he was being overly cautious, or it didn’t apply to my industry.


Thank you— ironically I have this book already (maybe God knew this was coming)? and have been reading this and other accounts of people, including priests falsely accused.


I’m so sorry you had to suffer so much, and am so glad that you are in a much better place. Yes, you hit the nail on the head. God certainly may be guiding me here to where I need to be. My struggle is that this is a test of faith, and man, the suffering is intense! I’m beset by so many doubts and fears for the future even though intellectually and times emotionally I feel I can trust God. It’s so strange for this situation to bother me so much—it’s some weird sense of betrayal (not by God, but from my workplace) that I can’t quite put my finger on, even though I know no one owes me anything.


Another thing— I am honored to hear other people’s stories here, but also frustrated. Frustrated in that—why are so many workplace situations this lame and why does this happen so often? I mean the video is so insightful, but still, is it really that necessary to have people behave so unscrupulously and viciously just for a company to be profitable? That can’t be right. My own thought is somehow in some businesses it is far too easy for people who find it easy to bully others to rise to the top or go unchallenged. I’m still baffled why—it seems net inefficient…


I’m so sorry this happened, and hope things are better. I have so little respect for slanderers. I simply don’t get why people do this.

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