False, anti-Catholic accusation by guest on Fox News: Megyn and Bill's morning show

I am very dissapointed in Megyn and Bill for allowing a guest disaparrage the Catholic Faith by claiming that honor killings have been a part of the Catholic tradition in Italy and elsewhere. This was the last word that the guest had abnd then they moveed on to another story. This is NOT fiar and balanced. At least ask her to substantiate that claim. I love Fox but that was below the belt and not right.
Did anyone else catch that?

I don’t watch the news frequently so I did not see this. However, I am also quite disgusted that Fox News allowed this. Maybe we should write to Fox News and express our disappointment. :thumbsup:

Lets WRITE to Fox News instead … it might work better :wink:

None of the major corporations are fair and balanced.

Watch “OutFoxed” or read “Manufacturing Consent” if you don’t believe me.

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Don’t you hate it when your keyboard can’t spell?:smiley:

Back on topic … Caontact the Catholic League … Mr. Donahue knows who to contact at all of the news outlets …

I wouldn’t hold your breath about the Catholic League. Last year Sean Hannity viciously attacked Father Euteneur on Fox News about Sean being Pro-Choice and I sent an E-Mail to Catholic League and they did nothing about it.

Perhaps you were the only one who complained about it and so they ignored it. If we could get enough people to complain about this, they might listen to us. :slight_smile:

I won’t stop watching Fox. Everybody knows honor killings are only commited in the Muslim world and are not a Catholic tradition. I would like to see a clip of this.

I wouldn’t stop watching Fox either. I think they are still better than the other more liberal news media outlets on TV. However, I would still complain to them about this and possibly even demand an apology.

“Viciously attacked”? Are you kidding?

He DISAGREED, albeit vehemently, but just voicing his silly opinion. He was disrespectful and dopey, but I doubt the Catholic League can do much about that!:rolleyes:

“Viciously attacked”? Are you kidding?

He DISAGREED, albeit vehemently, but just voicing his silly opinion. He was disrespectful and dopey, but I doubt the Catholic League can do much about that!

Oh, I remember that news segment!!

Fox pulled the video link someone put up at this forum, but here is an article from a Catholic site about how Sean treated his guest the Catholic priest that day.

I don’t know if Sean was man enough to apologize publicly about how he treated the Catholic priest or invited him back to “Hannity and Coombes” to apologize and talk about it.

It includes a partial transcript of Hannity and the Catholic priest’s discussion:


Let’s keep all the facts straight - Sean Hannity is NOT Pro-Choice, the disagreement was on Sean’s public support of the use of Birth Control by non-catholics. His position is opposed to church teachings, but let’s not call it something it is not.

I agree … PLUS the Catholic League’s primary purpose is not to referee arguments between catholics - however misguided one of them mught be -

They do fight misrepresentation and slandar of the faith … it is Anti-Catholocism that is their major focus …

Who was it that made the anti catholic comment?

Claiming that “Honor Killings are a part of the Catholic Faith” would not constitute an anti catholic comment :confused: ?

That was what the OP was discussing … this was an unchallenged comment by a guest …

I Found The Video, foxnews.com/video2/video08.html?maven_referralObject=2181687&maven_referralPlaylistId=&sRevUrl=http://www.foxnews.com/americasnewsroom/ It’s the video segment called Tribal Tradition?
You have to listen to it all she makes the accusation that Cathplics practiced ‘honor killings’ at the very end.

Thanks Franciscan :thumbsup: , I hope Aimee takes a look as well …

I wanted to know the name of the guest who made comment…

I’m going to take a look at the clip…thanks

People should contact New York University and let this Irshad Manji the error of her comments…I wonder where she gets this stuff…she should be told she is mis informed.

She should be called on it…

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