False assertion, fetus is a potential child not an actual child

We are opposed by a very modern, trendy, and self-loathing philosophy.

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At our state beaches nobody regards a sea turtle egg as a potential sea turtle. They are simply sea turtles that haven’t hatched yet, and thus enjoy the same existential status as the hatched ones.

Unborn baby, fetus, cells, it doesn’t matter. At all stages of development it is a living human being. To argue otherwise is to disregard scientific fact.

And, these sea turtles have better laws to protect their unborn rights than a human person. Strange.

Yes, true and that person’s DNA will be identical even if their corpse is found 10 years later decomposed to bones lying in a ditch on some dead end road thanks to modern science.

Good point! Criminals are not convicted by living DNA.

A man has no rights. My wife could have aborted our daughter and according to the doctors I had no say in the matter. If I would have interfered, I probably would have been arrested.

One time many years I was a fetus.

If my mother had killed me then, I would have been just as dead if she had killed me when I was one month old. I WAS THAT FETUS. No one else was.

What right would she have had. I love life.

Fortunately my mother was a “MOTHER”

Your were a fetus once. Does it matter to you if you died then or died when you were a child?

You would be just as dead.

The quote provided does not say “life begins at conception”. I guess the former Pope knew this was not so. What he says is that a particular life begins at conception. It is a different thing.

OK, A particular life begins at conception. Your particular life began at conception. My particular life began at conception. An actual child’s life begins at conception.

You are misinformed.



It is so ironic. If you find an eagle’s egg and feel like frying it up for breakfast, that could cost you 5 years in prison and 5,000 dollars. Meanwhile, killing a human child is practically encouraged in this society.

The heading on your quotes says ‘life begins at conception’. Not a single one of the quotes do. Sperm is alive. Ova are alive. The concept you are discussing is the coming into being of a particular ‘individual’ life, not ‘life’. Life does not begin at conception.

Agreed, although I would say that while the life of all individuals begins at conception, I would not call someone a child until they met a reasonable definition of ‘child’.

I think one can assume from a Catholic/Christian viewpoint, that a particular life within the womb of the mother becomes a child at the moment of receiving a ‘soul’ from our Creator God.

God’s peace


Then why is there no sacrament for them equivalent to the baptism of the born? Why does the Church treat the unborn differently is they are human children just like the born ones?

Then why is there no sacrament for them equivalent to the baptism of the born? Why does the Church treat the unborn differently is they are human children just like the born ones?

The sacraments used by the Catholic Church are Biblical and come from Christ. You cannot make an “equivalent” to baptism for the unborn. Besides, the unborn are meant to be carried to birth and then inducted into the church. What would be the point of baptizing in the womb, unless you expected the child to die. You can perform no action upon the child and they cannot phyically receive anything. If there is a miscarriage, then we trust God is caring for that child.

This is not an answer to my question. The point of baptising in the womb in some way would be the same as the point of baptising out of the womb: to remove the effect of original sin and allo the child to enter a state of grace. In its most important action, the Church treats the born and unborn as different. If the unborn are people, why do we allow so many of them to die without having a sacrament to remove original sin, as we do for born people. Any why, if this was Christ’s view, did he not institute such a sacrament?

Have you have ever watched a nature show about kangaroos? You can watch the baby kangaroo making that perilous journey to its mother’s pouch. The narrator is always in awe at this wonderous event. I agree that the birth of this tiny creature making this awesome trip is amazing.

This tiny being is considered a kangaroo. Why is it that there are those who can not comprehend that the tiny human being ( which is about the same size and development of this baby kangaroo) is in fact a human being deserving of life?

Or take a new born kitten. Blind and helpless and about the size and cognitive awareness of a baby that is about three or maybe four months old. Can you imagine the out cry if some one were to cut off a kitten’s legs then crush its skull? Yet this is done to human beings by the millions.

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