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In a book with things said by Fr Gobi to the Marian Movement of Priests apparently received via locution. He said false ecumenism includes saying other Christianities have some part of the full teaching is false ecumenism


I was running out of time at the library. I wanted to say that some of EWTN’s personalities say that our separated brethren have parts of the truth. Well, that is true technically, but the devil does speak with half-truths and lies. Though the Protestant (as Luther would have it with each interpreting the Bible individually and not having a college-ed pastor tell them what it says) doesn’t understand it, the origins of Protestantism could be nothing less than Satan telling people through the reformers that the Holy Spirit would guide their understanding to truth about the passages when he (Satan) knows that the ego would be the true inspirer of one’s reading of scripture and that Acts 8 and 2 Peter 3 say the opposite (of primitive Protestantism) .
Unless it was from Vatican 2 that we should promote the perspective that each faith and religion has some part of the full truth God wished us to know or it was considered worthy of belief that Mary told Fr. Gobbi that that is false ecumenism, I’m guessing that the worthiness of championing that perspective is debatable. I just provided my guess as to why Mary might have actually told him that it was false ecumenism.
Did anyone read that book of locutions by Mary to the Marian Movement of Priests via Fr. Gobbi? It’s a big book. I forgot the title, unfortunately. I wish I could remember where I saw this in the book. It also had an interesting take on the meanings of 666, the red dragon, black beast and the beast like a lamb.


The divine revelation that we are all obligated to accept stopped with the death of the last apostle. Locutions from the Blessed Mother fall under the category of private revelation, which the faithful are NOT obligated to believe. When private revelation contradicts the teaching of the Church, the safest course is always to side with the teaching of the Church - “the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” And who’s to say whether it’s really the Blessed Mother “speaking” to Fr. Gobbi? The fact that the revelations are sowing confusion and discord point to a different origin, don’t they?

Of course Protestants have part of the truth. They believe in most of the same things Catholics do. It is also true that the origins of Protestantism are not of God. He did not will that His church be shattered into hundreds of denominations. But He permitted it as a consequence of the gift of free will He has given us. Remember what St. Paul tells us in Romans 8:28 - “All things work together for the good of those who love Him.” God will bring good out of everything that happens, even the Reformation.



There are at least two threads already started dealing with Father Gobbi and the MMP. Do a search and you’ll find them and can decide for yourself whos side Father Gobbi is on. They also give the web link and name of the blue book.

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