False gods in video games?

Is it bad to have your character in a game follow a false god? For example, I play Runescape, and in it, you can choose a chosen god to follow. My character “worships” Armadyl, the god of justice. Of course, I don’t really worship Armadyl, and I doubt anyone who plays Runescape really worships their fictional chosen god either. I just like that he stands for justice, his followers mainly practice archery, and he looks like a bird of prey. I choose to see it like an ingame club and not like a religion at all. In fact, the most righteous god in the game, Guthix ( who was even martyred through deicide), even told his followers to not worship him.

Would Jesus, Mary, or the apostles approve of this game?

Are there any video games anyone can recommend which do not cause a person to lose his soul?

Okay, I offer you an alternative.

Video game developers use only real-world religions in their games. Of course some developers accurately portray them, but for the most part it’s horribly botched. (Imagine the media misinterpreting Pope Francis, but on the scale of an entire video game)

It’s part of why Tolkien created an entire mythology for Middle-Earth. He was able to portray Catholic values without ever mentioning Catholicism (or any form of Christianity).

The gods of a video game don’t matter unless you actually begin to worship them yourself.

Think about this, it’s not a sin to accumulate wealth or to live in opulence (nice house, fancy cars, etc.). What IS sinful is to place more importance on personal wealth than on God.

Like nearly all things, video games are not inherently evil. They become that way when we lose our grip on reality. They don’t cause you to lose your soul, but they can lead you astray if you allow them to.

Just remember it is a video game.

My favorite toon in WoW was a Shaman. He wasn’t a God other than me pawning all others in PvP :D.

It’s your skills with the mouse, keyboard and macros that count :wink:

Oh and Pre-Mades FTW!

It’s mere fantasy. Unless the OP decides to worship the gods himself, there is no sin here. Simply playing a video game won’t cause someone to lose their soul, it is what they do with the content of the game in their lives where sin is possible.

It’s good to see another Runescape player on the forum! My character follows Zaros. I see that at least one poster so far has criticised your post. Anyway, no sin here, I spoke to priests in the past about this, but I forgot the exact advise I was given (that was two years ago, and I’ve been in game 6 years now), BUT what I can say is that no sin is involved, once the game does not overtake your life - as I said this advise came to me from a priest in the past.

Technically, someone can worship a god in a game, but as long as you’re not doing that you’re fine. What people fail to realise is that games like runescape are stories. There is nothing sinful about reading stories, or Playing them through the use of a character. Obsessing over it is a different matter.

They fact that you’re asking this question would indicate that you have the intelligence to differentiate fictional story-telling from your faith. It’s those that don’t ask themselves these questions that need to worry.

Have fun!

The question shouldn’t be whether your avatar worships a false god, the question should be if you worship a false God. Do we stop reading the Illiad because Achilles worshipped false gods?

OOO! fellow WoW player! I myself use a paladin. Her “backstory” is that she’s a warrior-priest who is married to the church, and takes her vows seriously.

As for the OP’s question, I don’t see a problem unless as others have pointed out, you put the game over your devotions to God and Church.

Forget “false gods” in games…

I think too many young guys make video games, in general, their “god.” Literally their lives revolve around spending hours living in this virtual world. They get addicted to the point where it controls their lives. It’s sad and a huge waste of time.

That depends, do you literally worship the imaginary gods? :confused:

One game I really like (FROM THE 90s!) is Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, about
a once united empire called Darien in which four nations battle (more like pair
against pair) Aramon+Veruna vs Taros+Zohn, and there’s a deity for each land:

Anu of Aramon,
Tammuz of Zhon,
Belial of Taros,
& Lihr of Veruna.

Now do I worship these gods? Of course not, it’s all pretend. Now if I took it
outside of the game, maybe print off images of the gods and paid obeisance
to them, offered prayers to them, maybe even sacrifice a bull (wait WHAT**?!**),
that would be a problem. :smiley:

I once saw this Jehovah Witness cult cartoon about a child whose mom made him
throw away an action figure because it was something of PRETEND magic, totally
screwed up(!), it’s imagination people, don’t impose reality upon it!
(COOLING DOWN, lol) :rolleyes:

So in short, don’t literally worship this video game false god and you’ll be fine.

While I’m a fan of spreading Christianity/Orthodoxy where possible in games (Civ IV, Crusader Kings II), games are just stories. Sadly a large cross-section of our society doesn’t realize than and tries to hold them to a higher standard.

Even though it’s a fantasy game, you could endanger yourself by vicariously worshiping a false god in the guise of a fantasy through your chosen character. Even though we do not act on a thought, we have to be careful what we think - our thoughts, our day dreams are not exempt from the sins of desire.

Is the fact the Gods in the game are real related in any way to the fictional cultures in in the game. Oddly enough the first two are Sumerian and Babylonian and the last one is derived from Celtic myth and seems to be another name for the sea God Lir. Ironically enough there is a very popular myth that most Irish children know in which Lir’s children survived till the coming of Christianity in Ireland and were baptised after been restored to their rightful forms as they had been turned into swans for centuries by their step mother. Belial is usually identified as a demon of course and I don’t know if that plays into the game’s back story. There is a major monument to the children of Lir in Dublin in Ireland which uses the story to symbolise the rebirth of the nation during our War of Independence.

I absolutely agree with the comments that the use of fictional Gods in games or other media does not imply worshipping them. Quite a lot of writers use real names like the example Judas has given but that is often done I suspect to give a more convincing illusion of reality as some of the Gods invented for fantasy games and writing often sound contrived. It is very hard to give such inventions real depth.

As you have not demonstrated playing the game the OP mentioned causes you to lose your soul I think we might do well to avoid sweeping statements of this kind.

I actually found Orthodoxy in Civ V, just because their cross is cooler :smiley:


Pallies and Priests always were the hardest for me to fight against, lol. I’m not fond of toons with bubbles ;):smiley:

Right - a game is a game is a game.

Hello my fellow WOW players :slight_smile:

I think that many of us subconsciously identify, more than we think we do, with our in game character. Since there are now plenty of good games out there where your character does not have to ‘worship’ a god, I would switch to one of these.

I have found that a good way to deal with the addictive nature of games is to make sure that I spend twice as much time praying or before the blessed sacrament as in game. I also add up my game time and make sure that I am volunteering at a local aid center at least as much time as I am in game.

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