False Gospels; I am Second Ministry

Are the videos, that give testimonies from famous Athletes, Musicians and Celebrities false Gospels?

I have watched the "I am Second" Videos on you tube, and they make me sick to my stomach. That wealthy and privileged in society proclaim that they are second to Christ, 

often making statements about their profession. ie… The NASCAR driver in one video.

But does this not seem to be propaganda by what ever ministry that is pushing this information, from people like Brian Welch or Josh Turner.
It is easy to be content with life, when you are given a magic carpet ride through your journey. I had made a similar post in the past about Mormon church leaders as well.

But I really do not feel that Christ is concerned about Josh Turners Magic Guitar Playing powers. Or that Jesus anointed Darrel Waltrip to continuously turn left while driving in a large circle for millions of dollars a year.

I hope this was posted in the right spot.
Thank you,

Well - I cannot speak to the entirety of your post, but I do think that your comment about the “wealthy and privileged” may be a bit off.
A Nascar driver does not have, “a magic carpet ride through (their) journey”. It is hard grueling work. And a guitar player who makes it look oh-so easy - has spent many hours with aching sore and maybe even, at times, bloody fingers. The same thing might be said for ball players as well…

As for the rest…I just cannot say. I’ve not seen the videos - but they sound a bit like the “prosperity gospel” sort. Definitely something to stay away from.


Rule of thumb with respect to remarks about the Catholic Faith by the Catholic Laity:
no matter what the credentials of the lay person making the remarks are; if it doesn’t come out of the mouth of a priest, BE CAREFUL!

You have forgotten the important teaching of Christ about the rich man, the camel and the needle. :slight_smile:

And even then…

"As for the rest…I just cannot say. I’ve not seen the videos -** but they sound a bit like the “prosperity gospel” sort.** Definitely something to stay away from. "

I don’t understand what the bolded portions of theses two statements are based on…
Although I have not seen EVERY I am Second video, I have seen a lot of them and there is no “prosperity gospel” or “remarks about the Catholic faith” contained in them. They are just people, many of them famous, talking about the fact that they are not focusing on themselves first, they put God first and themselves second. What about that would make a person sick? I am trying to understand a person’s distaste for these videos because I don’t see it. I saw no promotion or bashing of any denomination, religion, beliefs etc, only promotion of focus on God before ourselves.

Thanks for any understanding you can provide on this.


And why are they considered “False Gospels”? I didn’t see them called, labeled or considered gospels anywhere other than this post.


Thank you Marilyn for the correction.


Hi James,

I’m not going to disagree completely with the guitar player comment,
But I’m going to disagree with you the NASCAR people who are in those videos.
I think also, it is a Magic Carpet Ride through life, because certinaly the “Hard Work”
Those people may put in , is recreational, and really child recess activities, and
so few make it. Speaking as a person who has no talent, or direction, I’ve never gotten those free hand outs from God, to play games for a living for millions of dollars.

But none the less man, thanks for your insight, I dont disagree that there is risk involved.
Just somthing turns my stomache when I see the Wealthy talking about how God is so good.

Cheers! Man,

False gospel?

The videos have a variety of people, some quite famous and some who were really down-and-outers. Strange how the OP made the point by mentioning the race driver and the country singer, but left out the rehabilitated drug addict and reformed ex-con who are also featured in the series of films.

The message is consistent. We are Second, God is First. The message is non-denominational, or more correctly, inter-denominational.

I submit that any “Christian” who does not profess that God is First and We are Second isn’t a true Christian at all, but rather is living in serious sin by placing themselves or something of this world above God.

Just the fact that we’re all posting on the internet means we’ve been entrusted by God with all sorts of blessings.

My assumption is those of us with a computer have access to clean water, hospitals, abundant food, work and that our families are mostly safe from war, pestilence and nature.

Frankly, one of the things that terrifies me is when God asks me to give an account of the talents He’s given me to safeguard.

Very true.

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