False/Intruisive/Obsessive Thoughts


Hello everyone,

I recently just made a forum on a very similar situation, but this is kind of different. I am 17 years old, and have been struggling hard this summer with intrusive, and obsessive thoughts. It has gotten so bad that sometimes I just get in tears because it is just a constant battle that causes so much anxiety and distress. It is so bad that now I just get these random thoughts which I don’t mean nor intend to act upon. Specifically, and terribly I get these random thoughts that I would like to have sex with people, which is 1000% false, and I would NEVER act upon. So yesterday I got that thought, and I don’t know if I rejected the thought by saying I would not, or if I said yes I would, or actually just said nothing. I read that for the scrupulous if you don’t really know that you should assume that it was venial if anything, but I just have a hard time rapping my mind around that, this situation just keeps lingering in my mind that I messed up, even though I don’t know if I did. I also just went to confession two days ago to confess something similar to this, but I forgot to ask him about these thoughts. Overall is this situation mortal? Also are these thoughts sinful even if they are not true, not wanted, and definitely not going to be acted upon? Thank you for the responses.


Thoughts like these are common. They are only sinful when actively entertained (meaning you continue thinking about it intentionally rather than focusing on other things). As long as it never enters the realm of fantasy then you’re completely fine. It’s not even venial.


I really recommend you talk to your parents about the fact you’re having intrusive thoughts and that you’re struggling with anxiety. You may also want to talk to your Priest about your worries, because he’ll be able to help you more than we can here at CAF.

I hope you feel better soon :heart:


Talk to your doctor. This is a medical issue.


After a couple of years I finally told my mother, she thinks it’s no big deal because people especially boys get thoughts similar to these (Which I do and don’t believe), and she knows I don’t mean them, nor would I act upon them because I am a good hearted person.


Does she know how bad your anxiety is, though? I think it may be worth you getting a spiritual director to help you worrying about sins. I also agree with FiveLinden - I think it’s worth you seeing a doctor about your anxiety. You don’t have to live with it like you are doing.


Talk to mom again. You need to see a doctor. Maybe your priest can help you talk to your mom about it?

Intrusive thoughts are not sins no matter how awful the thought is. This is a medical condition. God is not going to punish you for being ill.


The devil - often uses our imagination -
2nd Corinthians 10:5 - Romans 7:23 - etc
You need to meditate - and still your mind -

DO NOT entertain such thoughts - for any sort of time period -
Recognize the thought - as not yours - and say a prayer to Jesus -


Please consult a medical professional


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