False Prophets the most used comeback!

Given that CAF and the Catholic Faith as a whole is open to the Good in other Religions, I think it is time to discuss this most used accusation when another Religion Brings up the word Prophet.

The accusation that one follows a “False Prophet” is as Old as the Bible itself. It has been used against all the Bible Prophets by the people of the time to reject the new message.

It is the easiest thing to grab hold of an throw at another, but how much thought goes in to this before using it?

It is easy to say now that all who rejected the accused “False Prophets” of Biblical Times, were wrong, very wrong! So why do we not give this warning greater merit, why do we just use it when it goes against what we think is the Truth :shrug:

Is it time to discuss what would be False and what would be True about a Prophet? Are people ready for what this might reveal?

I hope we all are and I hope we can all discuss this with the Love of God in Mind. I hope this thought provoking question stays on this Forum for discussion.

God Bless all & Regards Tony

Behá’u’lláh performed no miracles, he died and was buried. There was hardly anything supernatural about him.

Gary - Miracles IMHO not a proof of a Prophet. If you use them to prove Christ then that Becomes Proof 1.

If it is shown that other Prophets performed Miracles, can that then be used for them as unquestionable Proof of a Prophet? If you say no, then justice prevails and we must take this off the Table, would you agree to that?

What do you deem as proofs of the Supernatural?

What is to be used as Proof that these events occurred as they are commonly thought to have happened?

Do you think Proofs of a Prophet should be a show of Miracles and supernatural events, or should their ability to Change the Heart of Man to the love of God be more of the standard we use? Have you seen the illusions by Dynamo?

I am happy to discuss all this - Regards Tony & God Bless

What does Christ have to do with anything. Behá’u’lláh performed no miracles, he died and was buried. There was hardly anything supernatural about him if anything at all.

Your opinion is just that.

Behá’u’lláh we are talking about not any other.


1.not of natural world: relating to or attributed to phenomena that cannot be explained by natural laws
2.relating to deity: relating to or attributed to a deity

Do I need to guess?

Yes. Behá’u’lláh performed no miracles, he died and was buried. There was hardly anything supernatural about him.

Behá’u’lláh performed no miracles, he died and was buried. There was hardly anything supernatural about him.

What has Christ got to do with any thing? What a strange statement from a Christian?

Christ has every thing to do with it I would say, it is you that is using His revelation from God as proof of Miracles and Supernatural.

The question was if I show you the Miracles of Other Prophets will you accept them as proof? Will it be unquestionably accepted?

Regards Tony

Behá’u’lláh, do you have his? Show me his. Your asking me how I’ll react to something I haven’t seen. You ask me what I’ll accept unquestionably before I know what this consists of.

Why do you accept Behá’u’lláh unquestionably, there must be some compelling evidence. Why is he a prophet and not a false prophet? Why is his opinion of the Bible or Quran of importance to the Christians, Muslims and Jews. what did he do, Behá’u’lláh, that they should pay this unquestionable attention to Behá’u’lláh?

So why have you rejected Beha ullah, I didn’t quite catch the reasons? :smiley:

We’re talking the past 300 years. There should be an abundance of supernatural awe that reaches as Tony said…“unquestionably”. Or we are not talking supernatural.

When we suggest this… “or should their ability to Change the Heart of Man to the love of God be more of the standard we use?”

We are talking something different, I would suggest off the top of my head good teachers could do this, but to what God they are directing one I do not know. The social god of moral relevance?

The first part of your questions is answered by Baha’u’llah, that is Miracles are not to be used as proofs. Did Baha’u’llah perform them yes indeed He did, but I will not use them because of this very reason. If you wish to know they were recorded on the internet, but they will not be a proof of Baha’u’llah. God is not a Miracle Show, it is about Love, Justice, Honesty, respect, detachment, Loyalty etc. This is what will prove a Prophet and their Word.

I accept Baha’u’llah the same way you accept Christ. I read about Him, Looked at His Life and Sacrifices for us. I used His Word as Proof and found it not Lacking.

Baha’u’llah’s Word is Important for the Very Reason Christ said it would be, it is to Guide us unto all truth. It is the Word (Christ) returned in the Glory of the Father. It is what every Jew, Christian, Muslim and all other Faiths are waiting for.

The evidence is more than Compelling, there are 1000’s of Scriptures, there were events that fulfilled Prophesy to the letter, there is a world emerging that will realise the promise of thy Kingdom Come, thy Will be Done!

There is a non stop river of discussion that can be had. The great thing is the Love of Christ is just as great as the Love for Baha’u’llah or Muhammad.

God has given us the eyes to see, that all the Prophets are One, we can Love them all.

It is time for me too stop, I have already given too much, may you not drown in this love, the Love for God and all the Prophets.:blush: :blush:

May God bless you always - Regards Tony

1844 was the Declaration of the Bab that coincide with the Year 1260 of the Muslim Calender. Consider this to be amazing, most would not until you look at Biblical prophesy. How 1260 Features in the Bible! The year 60 in the Muslim Faith was also high in prophesy, the year 60 of the Muslim Calender is also 1844.

This one thing may not mean much, but a person named the Bab did come and Give a message from God and said He was just here fro a short time to usher in the Most Great Revelation. It all fell into line with Biblical Predictions.

Another uncanny coincident after the Night of the Babs Declaration. the first Telegraph message was sent by Alexander Graham Bell - “On May 24, 1844, Samuel Morse sends the telegraph message “What hath God wrought?” from the Supreme Court chamber in the Capitol in Washington, D.C., to the B & O Railroad Depot in Baltimore, Maryland”. This opened up a world of Change as promised.

The proofs are many the Word is Great, who will take up the challenge and who will just put it aside and use “False Prophet”?

Regards Tony

Serious, to you this might be unquestionable. And I didn’t ask for a miracle show, I asked what supernatural evidence there is.

But we are talking Gods prophets not the children’s first grade class here…“it is about Love, Justice, Honesty, respect, detachment, Loyalty etc. This is what will prove a Prophet and their Word”

I’m asking, does it really?

I follow, not lacking, but we are talking God, supernatural.

If you believe he is a prophet which I don’t, so you suggest I should just take his word for it unquestionably? Which of course I don’t. Not what I see.

I don’t believe it.

This is true.

Sorry Tony I obviously disagree here. Nothing personal you seem like a peace loving guy, In fact I don’t believe Mohammed is a prophet of God either. Just saying, should I say something I obviously do not believe? In your opinion?

May God bless you always

May God bless you, follow your heart Gary. Just consider that the Love of God is the aim, to Love God we must get to Know ourselves :wink:

When we start looking at ourselves we have to take into consideration a lot of confronting things, may your self discovery end in great Joy :thumbsup:

Regards Tony

The truth is that if we were to be honest and just, one would not rely on the accounts of “mere men” about the life and doings of a “Man of God” to base the life of their soul on.

Mere men, no matter how long they spent with a “Man of God” are not entirely reliable on historicity. So unless you were actually a witness to the “Man of God” and you were provided conclusive proof as a primary witness, the life and times of the “Man of God” is a big ask to rely and hedge your entire faith on.

If we were truly honest that is…

If you have been truly honest, then what else is there to decide on the Divinity of the “Man of God”?


You have no other accounts than that of mere men. Show me what you have that’s not of mere men.

There are no jaw dropping supernatural miracles, that’s the truth.

A mere coincidence above is remotely possible.

Loosely defined, good, truth, peace does little to help as we see above.

Miracles can come from demons as well so no. However the reason we accept the prophets of the Old Testament is because in time their works showed to be of God and also by the way the prophets lived their lives

A false prophets seeks glory for himself and not God this is one thing that is shown. As Jesus said to love The Lord your God with all your heart and soul. To also love your neighbor as you love yourself. The prophets all hang on this. So if a person lives a life in which is similar to that of other prophets we can tell this is true. Jesus however is greater than any prophet because he rose from the dead and HE FORGAVE SINS WHICH ONLY GOD CAN DO.

Tony the issue is very simple. Bahá’u’lláh knew of Christ and rejected Him and His teachings, thus is an antichrist, as well as Mohhamed and many others.

On the other hand, spiritual leaders who lived without the knowledge of the God of Abraham and Christ will be held to a different standard of judgment.

In effect, everything revolves around the awareness of the truth, ie if one doesn’t know the truth about Christ they cannot be judged as rejecting Him. It is the same concept of sin where an action is done that a person knows is wrong. However, if they do not know it is wrong there is no sin (assuming their conscience does not convict them of course).

The point is that its not about anyones “accounts” dear Gary.

Its about the Person of Divinity and what the Word that He expounds is…nothing else…


Very true indeed :thumbsup:


Dear friend Catolic, can you show us one instance (just one :slight_smile: ) where Baha’u’llah has rejected Jesus please?


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