False religions, worship nothing or demons?

Do false religions worship nothing or do they worship demons?

…depends which religions you consider “false religions”.

Do you have a specific false religion in mind?
Wouldn’t you be able to tell by looking at the teachings of the religion?



Okay, lets start with Islam.

Isn’t the reverence shown during their prayers 5 times a day sufficient to address your question?



No, its not. Who do you say they are worshiping?

How about buddhist?

How about hindu’s

Pick any false religion you like.

You will have to define “false religion” before we can answer that question.

In general, I would say that if a religion leads anyone away from Christ, knowingly or unknowingly, it would be a false religion. I say this based upon the claim of Jesus that he is the “Truth”. If one is not following the Truth then one is following falsehood and therefore their religion would be false. But we need to be careful here.

All religions have some degree of truth. If they have some degree of truth then they have some degree of Christ; maybe a seed that is planted waiting to grow. We should recognize the truth found in all religions while being careful to discern error and outright falsehood. Do some worship demons? Absolutely. Have some grown up in a false religion but recognize goodness and truth in the world around them and live accordingly? Absolutely. Only God knows the desire of every human heart and to whom it gives allegiance and only He can judge us.

Many false religions look like they have some good in it and this is why.

2 Corinthians 11:14
And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

Ummm, well according to Catholicism they are worshipping the One True God.

I know that you are a protestant, but are you saying that Catholicism is wrong here?

If so, why would you say they are not worshipping the One God?


How could they be worshiping the one true God, when the God they worship is not the God of the bible. The God of the bible is the trinity, they don’t believe in the trinity, so they don’t believe in the same God as a christian.

They also don’t accept the fact that Jesus was God in the flesh.

If you don’t believe Islam is a false religion, then what religion do you believe is false?

What you describe are the natures of God. Not that there is one God.

Muslims worship the One God, yet they beg to differ on His “nature”, that’s all :slight_smile:



…just a few off the top of my head…


I disagree, I hope this isn’t the opinion of most catholics. If so I’ve lost a lot of respect for the catholic church. I might disagree with some things the catholic church does, but this is truly unbelievable.

Um. Islam isn’t a “false” religion.


Islam is not on my favorite list of religions, but no Christian could in any honesty believe that Muslims worship demons. They worship one true God as they see Him, and it is not our place to disparage their beliefs. There is a significant difference between the ordinary good Muslim and the mad bombers as there is between an ordinary good Catholic and the hard men of the IRA.

From the catechism:

“The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.”

LOL…okay, now I’m thinking this thread is a joke, yes?


Islam leads people to hell. They don’t believe Jesus was God manifest in the flesh and they don’t believe Jesus is the only way to heaven.


There are an incredible amount of Christians who believe Islam and the Baha’i Faith are false religions deceived by the devil.

There is an incredible amount of work to be done to remove the clouds of ignorance :slight_smile:


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