False Teachers = "Spirit-Filled" Non-Denominational Preachers, or not?

To what extent can we be allowed to privately interpret 2 Peter?

There is so much in both 2 Peter 2 and Jude that looks like the “Holy Spirit filled” prosperity/evangelist/healing teachers of today.

But then again, I’ve known personally and heard of many non-denominational believers (including many former Catholics) who’ve been very encouraged in their faith through these non-denominational (many times t.v.) teachers…including being healed from addictions, dead faith, and unchaste behaviors.

But, the Holy Spirit seems to speak to my conscience whenever I hear these teachers saying words of rebuke to the devil/demons, saying things like “let’s step on his head” or “let’s give the devil a whipping” or similar ideas.

This seems to apply to 2Peter 2:10-12 as well as Jude :8, “slandering celestial beings…”.

Yet, these teachers/preachers don’t seem to deny Christ (as in Jude :4), in fact they constantly refer to Him in a very sincere way…

If we can make this interpretation, could denying Christ mean they deny His Church? The Universal (Catholic) Body of Christ?

Thanks for any wisdom!

The healing and delivering presence of the Holy Spirit reflects Christ’s mercy, ever present…and non-denominationals who do indeed are used as instruments to bear truth to actual healings, do great good.

But the words of Christ must always be at the forefront of our faith…there are those who prophesize and perform miracles, but those who do the will of the Father are the ones who enter heaven.

The Bible also said that not everyone who called Jesus Lord would get into heaven. And that included some people who claimed to have cast out demons using Christ’s name.
Jesus did not use abusive or violent tactics when he would cast demons out of people. I don’t think He would have encouraged the disciples to either. i think those rituals are definetely secular in nature. Jesus would just heal by rebuking the evil spirits and they would leave.
I think some people who claim to be Christians have taken on the secular view of how to get rid of demons. Their faith is more in themselves to do it, even though the Bible says we can only do it because Christ gave us the authority. So we need to use Christ’s name. Some people may attempt it though, and not believe that it is Christ who is capable of doing it. So they will try to do it their own way. It may work, but in the long run, having people of genuine faith rebuke it in Christ’s name would be a lot more effective. People are more likely to run from something or someone that is violent towards them.

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