Famed ukrainian mystic josyp terelya dies


By Michael H. Brown


I just saw the news on Spirit Daily.

I went to a talk by Josyp Terelya in 2000. He gave it at a hotel in Syracuse. The place was packed with people. I saw various samples of his art works, including the icon “Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces”. I have some small copies of that icon, and a larger version of it adorns the corridor of our local Adoration Chapel. I also sent the same larger version of it to a priest-friend in England.

Josyp suffered so much in his life-imprisonment, torture-but now, in the Mercy of God, he is rejoicing in the glory of Heaven, reunited with his beloved Olena!

Deep sympathy to his family and friends.


I first learned about him through his book “Witness to Apparitions and Persecution in the U.S.S.R,” which is an extraordinary story, and made me admire him very much. I have wondered sometimes about his later life, and if he ended living in North America.
I see by the way that his book is available very inexpensively as a used book on amazon.com. I recommend getting it.


During his talk through a translator at a Marian conference in Kansas City, Josyp Terelya told of being imprisoned for refusing to renounce the Catholic faith under USSR oppression. He was left to die in a prison "freeze box" in Siberia, but says he was warmed by the presence of Our Lady appearing to him. Josyp told of his upbringing. Josyp's parents were atheistic Communists after the Ukraine was under the control of Russia. But his grandmother was a devout Catholic, and she raised him to be highly disciplined. One devotion of his grandmother and her neighbor lady was to fast on Tuesdays and Fridays. They insisted that young Josyp do likewise, which he grudgingly did until...

Grandmother's friend, caught in poverty's grip, had to sell her cow, and to do so had to walk to a faraway market. Selling the cow and exhausted after her long walk, she was wondering where to stay the night when a woman invited her to sleep at her home. The old woman was grateful and was taken to her home and escorted upstairs to a bedroom and the door locked safely behind her. All alone, she overheard the woman and her sons discussing how to kill her and take her money.

Just then, a resounding knock hammered at the door. Two young men came in, demanded to see the old woman, and escorted her out. The pair walked with her towards her home in silence because she was in a state of shock after escaping death. When she was almost all the way to her home, she came to her senses and asked the pair who they were. They introduced themselves as Tuesday and Friday and disappeared. This is a true story as attested to by Josyp Terelya. His ministry was to prostitutes in his Canadian hometown of Toronto, Canada. May the Good Shepherd bring all such lost and fallen souls to the liberating Way, Truth & Life and preserve those at risk from such degradation by giving dignified work and holy leisure. Josyp Terelya, pray for us to the Most High. AMEN


He visited our house when I was younger. I don't know why he was there, but he made a big impression on my parents.

I will have to read his book.


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