Familiar with Father Robert Reed/Dir of CatholicTV?

*Not sure if this is the appropriate place for this, but…anyone ever meet Father Robert Reed? He recites the Rosary, has his own ‘show’ on Verizon. He is the Director of CatholicTV. It’s in the archives under people & culture. I think he is so awesome! I was curious if anyone has ever met him, or attended one of his masses? *

Father Reed is wonderful.

Yes I agree Fr. Reed is great as is BCTV. I prefer it to EWTN- not as political.

I do miss Msgr. McInerny though- the previous director of BCTV- he was very funny.

*I really love him, he has such a great way of elaborating on each Rosary mystery…my dd loves him, too! I just don’t like waiting for Mother Angelica to come on in the evenings, now we can turn on the Rosary any time of day!

What do you mean, EWTN is political? I didn’t realize that, can you expound on that? *

Oh- I just find EWTN to be decidedly slanted to the right politically while BCTV is impartial to politics never discuses issues not directly tied to doctrine. I don’t like to mix the two.

In any case I do really like BCTV.


Have you watched the World Over lately.

*I have, but I think that is to be expected on that type of show. I personally like Catholic commentary to the events happening in our world. *

I like Fr. Reed. I like BCTV.

I used to watch BCTV when I had cable, as it was broadcast from the Catholic TV Network in our area, but I’ve switched to satellite, so I don’t get it any more, but I do get EWTN in it’s entirety now.:slight_smile: I really like Fr. Reed, and his Rosary is awesome. I’m not familiar with too much else that he does, though. Most of the few other programs they broadcast from BCTV to our area I did not really care for, though, but I’m not too familiar otherwise with BCTV. I do know that they broadcast reruns of “The Jack Benny Show” in the early morning hours here, (I’m talking around 5 am) and I used to crack up listening to them while getting ready for work.


Reference post #9.

Despite your claim that EWTN is “political” on issues not related to doctrine, you have yet to provide any examples of this.

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