Families of two!


I am starting this thread for all families of two. :smiley: This is not an infertility thread. This thread is, rather, for all those married couples who make up their entire family, for whatever reason. This could be a permanent, or temporary place in your married life.

Are you a family of two? Please tell us about yourself!

Examples of Families of two include:

Newlyweds, who have not yet conceived.

Couples who have had serious reasons to postpone having children through Natural Family Planning, and who do not yet have children of their own.

**Couples suffering infertility troubles who have not been able to have children of their own, or have not been able to adopt their families. **

Couples whose grown children have left the house, and are now living alone.


One half of a family of two here. :slight_smile:

It’s just the DH and me right now, along with our two kitties, rabbit, and tank full of fish. We’re putting off adoption until I’m done with school and we’re more settled (financially and otherwise). Hopefully someday we’ll be a family of four or five.

Great idea for a thread, BTW.


We’re a family of two. DH and I have been married for 5 years. While we do want to have children and are beginning the adoption process, we’re very happy together. As DH told me, he married me to be with me forver, not for the number of children I could give him; they’re just an added bonus.

We’ve had plenty of time and opportunities for growth as a family, as a couple in the last 5 years. While I expected to be a larger family by now, I’m glad that God has given us this time to really come together as a family.


all our 4 kids left home in one year. One married, one went to grad school, one graduated HS and moved in with her friends, and one got an apt FT at college. We sold our 5M sf house moved into a 1200 sf trailer, and kids took everything, furniture, linens, dishes etc. We started over like newlyweds, and it was great fun. We have moved 3 times since then, first to an RV, then to another mobile, then to a tiny patio home, Each move is another excuse to get rid of STUFF, which we both agree is a prison and a burden.

Hardest thing to get used to: buying food and cooking for 2 in stead of 6+, not needing that huge supply of “teen food” in the house.


**Hello SeekerJen! **Hello Aurora77! Hello Puzzleannie!

**Glad to have you. :smiley: This is great! :slight_smile: **

**I felt called to start this thread. I realized there really isn’t a “group type” thread for all those married couples seeking to live out their vocation in the here and now. **

**I am hoping that we can learn to support each other in becoming the best spouses we can be in the vocation that God has called us to live in THIS moment. Of course, this could change for some. Some may be called to become mothers and fathers, some may already have, while some may not ever receive this call. **

**We are called to live out the vocation of marriage, and love and support our spouses in the here and now. Whether or not we are ever called to be parents, or having already been parents, we are now called to be a family of two. Let’s support and pray for each other, so we can all be the best families of two we can be, giving all glory and thanksgiving to God Who has given us our wonderful spouses to be with for life. :slight_smile: **

**As for our story, many of you already know, that my husband and I are in a holding position. We have been TTC a child for 19 months, and continue praying for a miracle. Due to my own health problems, and the costs involved, we cannot undergo the church approved fertility treatments. Also due to costs, we cannot now adopt our family. So, for now, and possibly forever, we are thankful to God to be so blessed to be a family of two! :smiley: **


**WOW! That must have been a big change! I would love to have an excuse to get rid of stuff, but, I seemingly gained far more than twice the amount of stuff, but only gained one person. Hmmm…:hmmm: **

**As for the cooking I lived on my own prior to our marriage, so, my biggest challenge has been remembering to make enough for man’s appetite too! I either come out short, or we have enough for two meals. :blush: Can seemingly never hit that happy medium. :stuck_out_tongue: **


**Praying for you! I hope that goes well. This is so exciting for us all. I’m all for family expansion! :smiley: Keep us posted on how it goes! :slight_smile: **


**This is where we are too. Kind of at a holding, due to finances and other circumstances. Though, we would gladly welcome a miracle (or several miracles) anytime! :slight_smile: **


Annie’s law about stuff: it has babies. The only way to combat the population explosion is to move or have a garage sale every 5 years. In each of those moves I described, I got rid of anywhere from 30-70 boxes of books. I have at least 20 shelves full of books right now, and these are all post-college and post grad-school, so they are not even school type books.

the other thing about a family of two is ease in budgeting:
whatever he spends, I am allowed to spend the equivalent.
AND he bought new golf clubs this summer, oh yeah, factory outlet mall on tax-free weekend, here I come.


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: This is just too funny! And its so true, which makes it all the more hilarious.

We live in a one bedroom apartment, so space is very limited. All of our extra “stuff” is in large rubbermaid containers or boxes. These have somehow multiplied :blush: so as to become furniture, and be “unused surface area” (aka “free game”) to house more “stuff.”

We may not be very fertile, but our “stuff” is sure doing the “be fruitful and multiply” thing for us. :wink:


Family of two here also! married 5 years. We are putting off having children right now for various reasons. Good reasons btw. If you knew what they were, you would understand. I am not sure if having children is in the cards for us anyway.


**Hello! Yep, I included those having to postpone having their first for a time (possibly a long time) through NFP. Your “in” :D. We actually fall into the postponing category too! We are having lots of trouble with fertility and would adopt a child TODAY if we could, but due to finances, we have to postpone begining the adoption process for a while, maybe even a long while. **

**Kids might very well be in God’s plan for you two in the future, or, maybe not. But, for now, enjoy being a Family of Two! :thumbsup: **

**So…again…welcome! :slight_smile: **


That’s us.

Married … pauses for mental arithmetic … just over 21 years. Turns out spouse in basically infertile due to a condition which is, wait for this, probably hereditary … :confused: … but is age-related which would explain why he is his father’s only child even though his mother would happily have had another.

A bit of heartache in all that … when I married I was not beserk about the idea of children, having never been the type to coo into prams and that sort of thing, but I accepted that children are part of marriage and that the good Lord gives you the grace to do what he wants you to do … long story short, you spend quite some time of geting used to the idea of children and by the time you get there, you find out you won’t have them and then there’s all those goals and dreams you didn’t get on with because you thought you’d be busy raising children.

Anyway, it’s all back on a even keel now. Just us, 12 cats and three pigeons. (And a few garage possums.)


**Welcome! :slight_smile: I do understand this heartache quite well. Glad to have the chance to get to know you. **

I love cats, though, since cat allergies run in the family, we don’t own any. Not sure if I have the allergy, just taking percautions. So…we have two dogs instead.

**As for your other pets, how did they come to be pets, if you don’t mind me asking. I love birds! I don’t know that I’ve even seen a possum. :slight_smile: **


HI! A family of two here. Our only son is 19 and, at the moment, dh and I are the only 2 at home. We have a dog and a cat. We’ve been married for 23 years.


**Hello! Nice to meet you! :smiley: What a beautiful gift, 23 years of marriage! **

**What kind of dog do you have? We have a Beagle mix and a German Shepherd mix. :slight_smile: **


Family of 2 here. Married for a little over 14 months and God has not sent us any blessings yet. (We had good reasons not to try for the first 11 months) We’ll see what the future holds. But thanks for starting this thread. I needed to be reminded of the importance of living out my vocation as it is NOW. Thanks :slight_smile:


Don’t mind you asking at all!

All the cats are former ferals or former pets that have been dumped when pregnant, either ones we’ve caught ourselves or ones we’ve adopted through being a “foster home” for a local cat rescue organisation. All desexed.

Pigeons are just street pigeons. My brother rescued one with a broken leg from the road outside his shop and as we’ve medicated rescue birds before, we “got the gig” so to speak when it needed antibiotics. Bird’s been here ever since. The other two fell out of their nests as flightless squabs three days apart in the concrete multistorey carpark at work, both at the right time for me to see them and pick them up before they came to harm. I wasn’t going to leave them there to die of exposure and dehydration or by being run over or by someone stamping on them. Learning to feed a baby pigeon with a syringe and tube was interesting! We’re not going to let them breed, though.

The possums are brushtailed possums that worked out that a canoe suspended under a roof in a garage is a pretty neat place for mother possums to hang out while they raise small babies. They’re not really pets but they’re welcome to live there and we put out little bits of food here and there for them - treats rather than enough to make them dependent.


DD had expected hers to remain a family of two since long before her marriage she had been told she could never have children, and her DH knew and accepted this. She just celebrated her 10th anniversary, and is expecting her 2nd child any day now, and her little honeymoon cottage is filling up rapidly. No New Toys is the order grandparents have received. If God wants it to happen, it will happen when it happens, although not always when and how we expect it or want it to happen.


Isn’t that the truth. It’s difficult adjusting to living our lives how God intends and not how we intend. Congrats on your new grandchild!!

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