Families Who Kiss on the Mouth - Does Yours?


Another thread made me think…

Do you belong to a family that kisses each other on the mouth? Do you kiss anyone other than your own spouse, children included, on the mouth? Or are you a “turn the cheek” person?

I personally can’t stand kissing anyone on the mouth except my husband. My mom and dad would try to kiss my on my mouth, even as an adult, and it just grosses me out. After a few years of turning my cheek to them, they have finally gotten the hint.

I know it’s a personal thing, but I just don’t want any lips but my husband’s on mine, and I have to believe that will include my children if I ever have them.

Soooooo - any family lip kissers out there? :smiley:



The very thought of kissing my sister or mother on the mouth turns my stomach. If forced, I would rather die first.

I am also pretty sure my son would object to his father kissing him on the lips! :bigyikes:


Some of my friends and family are kissers, some are not - it depends on the person!


My dad and his siblings still kiss their mom on the mouth. I think it’s really sweet. My parents kissed my brother and I on the mouth when we were little, though we don’t do it anymore. I kiss my children on the mouth all the time. It’s just normal for me.


Mostly we turn the cheek slightly… but there’s always a kiss within the family…
Sometimes on the lips… but usually slightly on the cheek…


This is pretty much exactly what my family does too!


Funny…just had this discussion with a friend about social greetings among adult friends. Specifically–the question was do you greet friends, male and female, upon arriving at a party etc., with a hug, kiss on the cheek, kiss on the mouth, both, none. I had not really considered it before, but in our circle most of the men do kiss & hug each others’ wives as part of the greeting and the women usually just give each other a hug–though some who are close friends do kiss on the cheek. It’s never been an issue for me or my husband and I’ve never felt anything inappropriate or been uncomrfortable in the kiss–have had a few hugs that are a bit too close at the end of the evening when inhibitions are lower. My friend commented that her own preference was to turn her cheek so as not to kiss/be kissed by other men on the mouth/lips. As I don’t find a moral issue implicated, I think it is up to each individual to set their own boundaries for comfort and personal space.


Lip kissing is hubby only.

But then I’m not a great shower of affection except with my kids.

I dislike social situations where everyone is hugging. I don’t hug people unless I know them well. —KCT


I will hug just about anyone, and often do! :smiley: But when it comes to kissing, it’s either on the cheek or not at all. Unless it’s my DH - then I’m all lips. :stuck_out_tongue:



No mouth kissing except hubby. My side are not kissers, not even big on cheek kissing except the children. I think the only time I’ve seen my parents kiss on the lips in their wedding picture. I’m not like that, I kiss my hubby a lot.:stuck_out_tongue: On my husband’s side about half are mouth kissers. I learned to turn my head fast when they approach so they’d hit my cheek, after a few years they figured out I’m not comfortable with it. Even my hubby after a few years of marriage and hanging out with my family doesn’t mouth kiss his relatives either. He’s become uncomfortable with the practice too.


I do give my little kids quick kisses on the mouth, but I can understand why some people don’t like that idea. I don’t think little pecks like that are real kisses though, and I do think real kisses on the mouth are way too intimate for any one other than a spouse. I do frequently hug friends, both male and female, but kissing would be kind of strange.


Males don’t get kisses from me unless they’re senior blood relatives and they initiate it. If it were a cultural thing for a person or country or something, I wouldn’t care, but normally it would make me feel weird and most of the time I’ll want to avoid that. If I actually played along, that would be cheek only, passive, and I would drop the hint next time.

Females, depends. Hands or cheeks if anything. I play along, but I only really initiate it with friends or relatives. I don’t have a problem with a cheek kiss when being introduced to a friend’s friend, but I won’t initiate it. I was more of a kisser a couple of years ago, but these days it just doesn’t come so natural to me.

By the way, the poll lacks one option: friends. There’s a huge gap between “family” and “just about anyone”. I don’t have a problem with friendly kisses on the mouth, but I’d rather not do that. If it’s not a common custom of the land, then it inevitably carries romantic associations. And feels weird. Can’t see myself initiating it unless it were already a habit and for whatever reason I didn’t have a problem with it being a habit. And if I noticed it were a habit and I didn’t have a problem with it, I’d be examining my motives. :wink:

There’s also another category between family and just about anyone and that’s dates, handsome guys, pretty girls and all sorts of attractive strangers. That’s something I have a big problem with, since the kiss is then romantic in nature or otherwise the cause of the kiss is not friendship but attractiveness or attraction. Friendship is a valid cause for a kiss, attraction is not. This is the only kind of kiss I wouldn’t play along with for the sake of avoiding offence. And this means I’d flat out verbally refuse if I had to. Kissing is not for entertainment.


I smooch my kids. Other family gets the cheek kiss and a hug. Friends, usually females only, get a hug.


lol, I come from a family of major non-kissers. I’m 26, and I’ve never seen my parents kiss each other on the lips.

When I was a kid, we would sometimes kiss on the cheek, or forehead. And in my extended family, they would kiss me on the cheek. But once I hit puberty, all kissing stopped. (Come to think of it, hugging stopped also. For some reason my family, especially my mother, is not very physically affectionate)

I still remember how startled I was when I would see my best friend’s family pecking each other on the lips.

Tif   =8-)


My side of the family contains huggers. We hug like pythons. We don’t kiss much.

My husband’s side of the family kisses everybody, lips, cheeks, foreheads, and hugs, too.

So, I am a kissy, huggy latin/ mediterranean type person, even though biologically I am neither.


My family kisses on the cheeks. The exception is my niece. For some reason we all kiss her on the lips. The only people who really kiss family members beside my niece are my grandparents. Other than that we just say hi. We don’t shake hands or hug.


LOL!! :smiley:

I absolutely LOVE this!!! Reminds me of me with my daddy - we can hug like pythons! :smiley:



I kiss my husband and baby dd on the mouth. I kiss my best friend of 15 years on the cheek, near the mouth. I kiss my brother on the cheek. My 3 year old neice kisses me on the mouth. It’s pretty cute. :slight_smile: But I usually only initiate kisses on her cheek. I grew up in a house of mouth peckers/kissers, though. Oddly, when I think about it, my mother was a mouth kisser but not a hugger–she would sort of lean in with her body away from you and peck you on the lips. Funny.


Spouse and children only. With the kids, they would give me little pecks on the lips when they were younger, but once they got into the pre-teen years, they would turn their cheek to receive a kiss. I think it’s good to let your child lead in what kind of affection they’re comfortable with.


When my father was alive, he kissed me on the lips (I learned the taste of Bourbon early). My mother and I show almost no affection toward each other at all. Don’t get the wrong idea, I was a burden to my father and he couldn’t have cared less about me. My mother and I are as close as a parent and child can be, she would give me her last breath and she’s the only person in the world I know I can trust unconditionally.

I don’t have any other family. I think my maternal grandparents would kiss me on the lips when they left to go home to Indiana, but that was 30+ years ago.

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