Family Activites for Christmas


Hello everyone!

My family is trying to get some ideas for activites that everyone can participate in for our Christmas gathering. We have decided that gifts will be from grandmother to the grandchildren and we adult will not exchange gifts (it really got ridiculous). So we are looking at finding an activity for ages from 48 to 2 years of age.

I appreciate any ideas that you can give me.

Thank you.



Carolling - We always all sit together and sing. Instruments come out and we normally have the words printed in little booklets. Everyone participates.

Make teams and have a Christmas Scavenger hunt ( may get chaotic indoors)


cookie decorating comes to mind, or decorating ornaments, reading children’s Christmas books (here are 2 nice lists and )

Here’s a link with Christmas game ideas

coloring and activity pages

carols (googling “Christmas carols” will get you lots of sites)

Hope that helps!


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