Family activities you share together?


Seems like a good place to ask this one, but what activities do you share as “a family” when you spend your liesure time together?

I’m sure most of us here try to have supper together with our families, most try to go to church as a family, and probably have chores we do as families. But I’m looking for recreational and liesure time activities.

What do you do, for fun, as a family?

Years ago my wife and I used to “trap shoot” together. This year my daughter took up shooting and she is now my favorite shooting buddy.
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We also like to go to movies together about once a month, although that is not always possible because we do try to “agree” on one movie that will please all of our tastes.

We enjoy going out to dinner as a family, it is not something we do often since we don’t do the ‘fast food’ thing, but we do go out to nicer restaurants together about once a month. We started out taking our daughter to restaurants when she was just a baby and she learned not to “make a scene” at a very early age. She is one of the most adventerous eaters I know and is pretty much willing to try anything on the menu.


Over 30 people have viewed this and none of you participate in family activities on a regular basis for fun?

Another activity that we participate in on a fairly regular basis is that we ride scooters together. We have 3 of them and love to take them out on nice days and drive the country roads. I had foot surgery early this summer so we’ve not “scooted” too much this summer, but now that I’m walking around again we try to get out.

Seriously, what do you do as a family? We don’t play board games (I get frustrated). Occasionally will play card games. We are building a wooden doll house kit too; each of us does different jobs (cutting the wood, finding the parts, glue, fitting, etc).


We garden, watch movies, go the park, bike, and do a host of other outdoor things. We also like to visit new churches, especiallly older ones. My daughter will be three next week so I can’t teach her how to shoot yet. My wife and I used to go to the range together and she is a better shot than I am with a pistol but I still have the edge on her whne it comes to trapshooting.

I was admiring the rifle your daughter is firing, is that in 5.56mm with a .22 LR mod or is it chambered for .22?


I know you said you don’t like board games, but there is a game called Whoonu? by Cranium that is really not a board game. It is lots of fun and we play it quite often. We have 5 kids ranging from 16 to 3 and we can adapt it so everyone can play, even my child that has autism. Give it a try!

We also have a tradition of making New England Clam Chowder from scratch in the chillier weather. Even the little ones can pick up potatoes and put them in the pot. Cooking is a good family activity.


We love to cook together… My 9 year old son, husband, and myself. We also garden or do yardwork together…

We pick home movies and share a big bowl of popcorn.

We play I-spy everywhere we go.

We play a lot of games in the car (road sign games…etc…)

We pray together each night.


[quote="stmaxfan]Cooking is a good family activity.

[quote=pyropam]We love to cook together… My 9 year old son, husband, and myself. We also garden or do yardwork together…


COOKING! That is another great activity. We seem to get into phases where we cook together and experiment with new dishes, the life gets in the way and we don’t cook together, but then a few months later we get back into it again.

I think cooking is a great family activity. Everyone can do a part of the feast and everyone can suggest flavorings. We really get into Chili cooking as the weather cools. :thumbsup:

I removed the 223 operating system from a standard AR15 and replaced it with a 22LR conversion kit. Its a simple “drop in” conversion so I can convert it back when she grows into the larger round.

That gun is a labor of love. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetes this summer. While she was laying in the hospital bed she asked for a PINK rifle. So I built that one for her out of an Olympic Arms Plinker Plus rifle, Calvalry Arms colored stocks, Ceiner 22LR conversion kit, and some cans of pink spray paint. The buttstock is a A1 type stock, so it is a little shorter than the normal A2 stock and fits a child better. I also used a C3 sized forearm, which is a small diameter forearm and fits little hands better than the more popular C4 size. The gun has NO recoil at all and she loves to shoot it. Heck, I think its a blast to shoot too. :rolleyes:


Every Saturday we take a family bike ride… usually around 15-20 miles total… we love this weekly activity!

In the evenings after we’re all ready for bed we like to pile on the couch and cuddle and watch movies…

We have annual passes to Disney and enjoy going to the parks every weekend. It’s actually a great workout too because we usually end up walking several miles around the parks.

We have a natural Spring in our neighborhood and enjoy that almost every weekend too… the boys like playing in the sand and DH and I enjoy laying out in the sun…

Those are just a few of our fun family times!


Our favorite activity as a family is downhill skiing. We also go boating/swimming in the summer. Hiking, biking, and travel are also big on the list. We are also a pretty social family and host/attend lots of gatherings with friends-both adults and kids. If we’re stuck inside we like family movies with lots of popcorn and the kids have all become card sharks w/ some very competitive rounds of hearts.


Our favorite family activity is also downhill skiing! We go every year to CO (Breckenridge) for Thanksgiving. It is a tradition.
We also go to the lake for swimming and fishing. Every year we go as a family to my in-laws’ farm in Alabama for a week.
When our children were young, we had family dinners and family worship using the prayer book. The children grew up going to Mass every Sunday.
We tried to watch TV as a family as well as movies. We played board games (and still do). My husband takes our sons shooting and to car shows. They have a tradition of watching fights on TV with plenty of snacks.
I guess every family has different traditions.


We haven’t been there for Thanksgiving…but we must be kindred skiing spirits…Breck is one of our fav Colorado destinations–great for family trips!


we give each daughter a family annual membership to the local science and nature center, which also admits them to similar facilities around the country, because their programs and offerings are so varied, and so attractive to the whole family. That way, on family vacations, that is always a stop, also admits to zoos, botanical gardens and other sites are part of the package.


We play board games and watch movies together. Also have campfires, tell stories, read books aloud, listen to old radio shows on mp3 in the dark on blankets spread on the floor, do puzzles, play huckle-buckle beanstalk, play hide and seek, cook meals and snacks, go hiking and fishing, participate in walking fund raisers for breast cancer, and multiple sclerosis (which I have), and for our local SPCA (dog walks in the park to raise $$). We go to the beach to collect beach glass & fly kites or fly hubby’s small airplane, bike ride, walk the neighborhood at night with flashlights, attend the kids’ sporting events, plant a veggie or flower garden, visit old cemeteries to do volunteer trash clean up, check out the old graves (read dates and names, religions etc…)

sledding and ice skating in winter, winter picnics (brush snow off the benches and put out blankets to sit on, and bring sandwiches & cocoa), do creative art projects, help with homework projects,

And pray!:wink: Which reminds me of watching hockey as a family too, lol.


There are the three of us, we love to sit outside in the evenings and have long discussions :slight_smile:

We are all musicians, so, there is lots of music “stuff” too.

Recently, we have all three been working as volunteers helping set up our Parish Library. We all three volunteer for various ministries CCD\Youth.

We cook together, and we love movies.

DH and DS like to hike and canoe together.


Great thread, my kids (3 kids under 4 years) are all pretty young right now but we try to include them as much as we can in the things we do or would like to do as we grow as a family (even if they cannot do that much of it right now).
Some activities are: Gardening. Walks. Cooking. Dinner together. Family meeting time. Reading as a family. Watch movies. Crafts & PlayDoh creation-time is big in this house. Put puzzles together Prayer together every night & we try to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy or Rosary “with” the kids. Sundays, we dedicate the whole day to faith & family. We usually have Sunday night dinner with the Grandparents. Every year we go on a family vacation, nothing big but lots of family time. We also hit some yearly festivals & craft shows, there are tons of local communities & parishes that offer activities too so we love getting the family out to participate & learn different cultures. Love those they are an easy way to take a small “gang” out:thumbsup:


Well, after Mass on Sunday, we have a big breakfast, sometimes “out”, more likely in the kitchen. My granddaughter wrote at school that it makes Sunday her favorite day.

We play games on the computer together in contests.

We watch certain TV Shows together. One of them is “Feasting on Asphalt II”. The girls sit on our laps, and we all pile on the sofa. They also like to watch “If Walls Could Talk” with us.

We dance! The satellite dish comes with XM radio stations, and we all take turns dancing with each other. The girls pretend they are filming us, that we are famous dancers and they are paparrazi, when we dance.

We cook food together.

We take walks together.

We go to the library together.


Ice skating, doing (except me) and watching. We are very much involved in synchronized skating and try to attend as many competitions as we can each season. My daughters skated on an elite synchro team for six years, and my husband has skated on an Adult team for five seasons. My daughter now coaches her own teams. And I write novels about synchronized skating!

It’s a great sport.

My girls are on their own now, but this was the big family thing when they were home.

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