Family Crisis


My friend (distant Catholic) is going through a real tough time, please pray for him.
Outwardly perfect marriage, man of his word, good non-practicing Christian. 2 kids, girl and boy. (9 and 5)
He caught his wife cheating, kicked her out. He wanted to work it out but she continued the afair.
He said he still wanted to work it out after she told him she was no longer in Love with him.
He still wanted to work it out when he found out she was pregnant with the other guys baby.
(This part is tough) He still wanted to forgive and work it out after she had the baby aborted.
And though he has served her divorce papers, he would take her back in a heartbeat if she wanted to.
He has been going back to church lately but still has a warpped sense of what God really is and what roll he plays in his life.

Can anyone reccomend some Christian healing books for his situation or better yet some Bible verses to help him out.



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