Family devotions for mixed religion marriage

Will any of you give me some advice as to what some good family prayers/devotions there could be for a young family with a Catholic father and a Lutheran(WELS) mother? Our children are 6,4 1/2, 2, 4mos. I know scripture is an obvious one but how would you go about it if that is what you are thinking? Any other devotions? Thank you for any advice.

The Liturgy of the Hours is very rooted in scripture.

I guess it would depend if the goal is to show that the two faiths are in some ways different, or to focus on the similarities.

I know that some mixed faith families still pray the rosary and do other “Catholic” devotions, and the non-Catholic spouse doesn’t participate but still shows respect.


Prayer before meals
Praying the Our Father as a family
Prayers before bed

:thumbsup: You may need to exercise caution with a very few of the prayers interspersed between the Psalms and Readings - for example on some of the Marian feasts. Most of them are totally unproblematic though.

Thanks for the input! Along with the suggestions given, does anyone know of any good devotional books that have daily prayers for a family? I wouldn’t mind the liturgy of the hours specifically the evening portion. How long does that take? My children’s attention span is next to nil! Also the prayers before meals is great. Maybe that is where we could “throw” the Our Father or immediately after the meal! Thanks again everyone!

When I say evening prayer it’s usually about 10 minutes - but I think because it’s broken up into Psalms, hymns, readings and petitions it’s not likely to be boring for them. Give it a try anyway. When my parents and I said it as a family we’d alternate - each of us reading a psalm or reading in turn.

Like the Liturgy of the Hours, but shorter–the Book of Common Prayer. It is very litugical and the prayers are lovely. We have been using it for several years. We’ll be moving up to the LOH now that the kiddies are older. :thumbsup:

I am sure this could be adapted in your own words for your young children but my devotional is “Our Daily Bread”.
It is neither Catholic or Lutheran or any other one single religion.
It is a Christian devotional.
It is short and to the point and involves just a small piece of scripture each day.
In fact, in my opinion a little says so much.
And what helps me is to pray before the devotional.
I like to ask Him to open my heart, mind and soul to His word so that I get exactly what I am supposed to out of it.
But like I said, “Our Daily Bread” is a short, simple, Christian devotional that can easily be put in your own words.
Good luck and I think what you are doing is beautiful!!!

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