family dispute turns into a very funny and happy ending

I was in the waiting room for my doctor and across from me was a grandmother, young mother and her son who appeared to be about 7 years old. The grandmother was telling the boy the bible story of the rich man and the beggar and then she told him that he really needs to know the bible and hopes he will read it often. The boy looked at her and smiled and promptly went off to the toy box to play with legos. The grandmother then turned to her daughter and said “when is he going to ever know anything about the bible if you continue to take him to YOUR church?” To that, the mother replied that she is not going to argue with her about this anymore, and that yes, the bible is read at home and it is read at Mass too. The boy returns a few minutes later and the grandmother asked him if mom reads the bible to him. Right away he said, yes grandma mom has been reading these B Attitudes to me for a while now, and I guess once I memorize those, I will be ready for the C Attitudes of course. Mom already has talked to me about my Attitude with a Capital A.

LOL! I could not even stop myself from laughing! I tried, but that was too darn funny.

Hope you all find that funny too.

Needless to say, the religious fighting ended at that point.

The things that come out of little babes mouths… :smiley:

Hey im sorry but i dont understand the Joke… lol do you might explaning it to me???

The Beatitudes are found in Luke 6:20 and go on from there to the end of that chapter I think. They could be in other parts of the bible, I just remember the Luke one.:slight_smile:

Unless I am mistaken. I’m new at this.:slight_smile:

B Attitudes…Beatitudes :wink:



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