Family Fallout


Hi, I have been a ‘lurker’ for a while but due to an impending family crisis I have registered!

Any help appreciated!

My mother and father married much to the distate of his parents and they have never really got on, my mum hates his parents and they feel fairly similar towards her (there main reason for disliking her is that she is catholic - the first thing she said to my dad when she heard they were engaged was ‘you know you’ll never be able t divorce her!’) anyhow the problem is that whilst over the past 5 years things have gotten a little better his dad has now been diagnosed with (possibly) terminal lung cancer at the age of79. My dad feels ever so guillty and my mum is torn she cannot stand his parents for their behaviour - they felt it necc to point out to me at our first meeting that i was adopted (i already knew but!)- but she feels for them in this time they are not religious but she says prayers for them and doesnt know how to approach them, My dads mum is upset mainly because she will be left alone and this scares her i dont know what to do!


Stay strong in your faith through these troubled times for your sake and for the family.

You say things have gotten a little better in the last 5 years. Your mother continues prayers for her in-laws even though they themselves are not religious. It sound like you are doing what family’s do in times of crisis. We come closer together and celebrate the fact we are family and in need - regardless of our religious affiliation or lack thereof.

We can certainly be kind, caring, loving, and compassionate to anyone, especially family, whenever they are hurting, scared, and going through trials. This is what families do - we support each other - no matter what.

Take the opportunity to be the bridge of comfort for all the family. Pray for all healing. Comfort both sides as much as you can. Love is a power wielded by the strong family that gets us through times of pain. Good luck and God Bless your family and you.

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