Family friend with cancer


Please pray for a family friend whose cancer has reoccured. He has to have his voice box removed. It is very difficult for him, his wife and young children at this time.


They are in my prayers.


I will pray for your family.


Praying for your friend and his family


Praying for your family friend and his family for peace and grace during this difficult time. May his medial staff be guided by God’s hand and ensure all cancer is removed and he is free from pain. Amen.


Praying. :crossrc:


May the entire family have strength and courage during this most trying of times, Mother Mary, as you are the Mother of all our families, please extend Your extraordinary grace upon them. Amen.


I 'm praying for your friend. :gopray2:


I will pray for your friend.


Thanks to everyone for all the prayers for my family friend. I’m sure he and his family are benefiting from them very much at this difficult time.:blessyou:




Prayers for him and his family during my holy hour.



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