'Family Guy' is not worthy of an Award

August 4, 2009

		 									 					**'Family Guy' is not worthy of an Award**

				 					The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has nominated the offensive cartoon "Family Guy" for an Emmy award as Outstanding Comedy Series. This disgusting program is far from Best Comedy.

Classic comedies that were rewarded with this honorable award should not be put in the same category as this filth that is in every episode of “Family Guy.”

The Academy has awarded an Emmy every year for Outstanding Comedy Series since 1952. What was once an honor with exceptional nominations that have unfortunately started to slip over the past few years has now hit rock bottom with this nomination.

It is absurd that Fox pays “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane $100 million a year to pour this garbage into homes through broadcast airwaves. He is being paid big bucks to poison your children’s minds.

This is harmful for adults as well. The content of this program is so explicit that I can’t even begin to describe it here. If you are not familiar with this show, take our word on this one.

There is nothing funny about this program or this nomination!

**Take Action

Please send a letter** and ask the Academy to pull their nomination of the “Family Guy” for Best Comedy of the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards. This perverted and sickening program does not deserve this nomination.


AVON** - OMM received a letter stating, “Avon holds no particular religious, political, or cultural stance as these are personal matters.”

Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr./CKE – CKE has refused to remove their recent ads. CKE’s public relations manager Jenna Petroff states that the ad’s reference to genitalia constitute “a creative approach” to advertising, and that the commercials “appeal to and amuse” their intended audience.

Monica Cole, Director

I guess the Emmy’s figured it was about time they came down to the level of the Oscars. :shrug:

I’m no fan of “Family Guy”, but I think campaigns like this only serve to make Christians look bad.

Evil moves forward when men of good will say and do nothing. Woe unto those who call good evil and evil good.

I encourage everyone to complain. As you can see, sick, depraved and offensive programming is now morality neutral. Hey, what’s the big deal? Right?

God forbid,


The thing is that shows like Family Guy benefit from any controversy and protests often make the show more popular. I agree that Family Guy is a poorly written and terribly unfunny and offensive show but the best thing to do it just ignore it so that they do not get all the free publicity from a protest.

I disagree. This has nothing to do with publicity. If I want to complain, for good reason, I will. Ignoring any problem will not make it go away.


That’s also true. I admit I’m torn on the issue. I hate giving things free publicity (which, in turn, is usually used by the secular press to make Christians look like nutcases), but then ignoring things doesn’t seem to work either. There has to be a more effective way to do this, but I’m rather stumped as to what that would be. :shrug:

I suppose the simple (yet more difficult) solution is that we need to convert the culture. Christians will probably always sound like nutcases to those whose values are formed by the secular culture. Not that this means we have to ignore the small battles to focus on this big battle. Perhaps we just need to accept the fact that we’re going to look like nutcases to some.

Do only certain people have a voice? Are Catholics not allowed to complain?

Do the people who create this stuff have parents?

“Hi mom. You really should watch tonight’s episode. The husband is injected with the gay gene, and, uh, turns gay. Then, this is really funny, his boyfriend gets him into an 11 way…”

Mom: “I’m so proud of you!”

This is what happens when right and wrong get purposely confused, or get thrown out completely. We are living in a Dictatorship of Relativism.


Certainly. I think that’s a good point. Too often we’re made to feel uncomfortable for complaining and told we should just change the channel if we don’t like it. Yet a non-Christian can complain about things and it’s perfectly acceptable. It does seem like there’s a concerted effort to keep Christians quiet.

That’s the problem with you Anglos - Your society is so warped that you can’t even get your priorities straight. You complain about fictional adult satirical cartoons while allowing homosexuality, pedophilia, abortion, euthanasia, violence and other REAL problems to run rampant around you.

Look at Poland. We Poles have free speech and allow programs like Family Guy and South Park on the air yet we have made sure that abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia and pedophilia is outlawed. We have less violent crime, rape and drug use than in the Anglican countries like the United States and England.

I would suggest that you as Roman Catholics,citizens and individuals reexamine your priorities, because as I see it, you people have no moral base and are running wild. Without moral base rooted in Christ and the Holy See, your civilization will continue to fall into ruin regardless of how many government controls you impose on yourselves

Basically, you Anglos seek mass media to affirm your reality. Mass Media has become your god.

Just because you don’t like it doesnt mean it should be denied an award. Family Guy is one of the most liked TV shows there is and whatever show is liked the most should get the award

Award shows should have no cultural affiliation and should leave the voting completely up to the fans.

Not that you mean to broadly paint an entire culture that is not your own, right? :wink:

You do make some valid points. Of course, the obvious conter-argument is that we can (and do) complain about both these serious moral problems and the problems in the media. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. :slight_smile: Your rebuttal might then go something along the lines of: “Well, when you complain so much about all these issues, it leaves people with the impression that they are of equal weight. Thus, when people easily dismiss complaints about a silly cartoon show as being over-the-top, they can then, with the same brushstroke, dismiss all the Christian’s moral views as well.” I don’t think I can adequately respond to that rebuttal.

I think you are onto something with your final statement. “Pop culture” has become sort of a self-congratulatory entity unto itself for us Americans. TV shows, books, and movies are often celebrated because they have loads of “pop culture references” to other TV shows, books, and movies. To me, it seems people praise this characteristic in popular media because it makes them feel smart to “get” the joke that relies on the viewer’s previous knowledge of other TV shows. It’s sort of like the dumbed down version of a literary allusion. There is a whole market of board games that test people’s knowledge of pop culture. You don’t need to know important events in history, but so long as you spent enough time watching TV to know how many times Ross and Rachel got together and broke up, then you are a winner!

We do probably give the popular media far more attention than it deserves. Perhaps that’s why we can’t all claim such a wonderful pope as our fellow countryman. :wink: Please pray for us.

Come on. The jokes are totally random and unrelated to the message of the story. Family Guy is great for people not intelligent enough to get South Park’s social commentary and underlying messages, but that hardly means they deserve an award.

Allow me to play devil’s advocate…

This isn’t the “People’s Choice Awards”. As far as I know, the Emmy’s are like the Oscar’s: the voting is done by members of the hosting organizations. Thus, it really isn’t up to the fans.

The purpose of these awards is really to recognize excellence, not popularity (hence why the Oscar winner for Best Picture is seldom the same as the year’s highest grossing film, and why the TV show with the highest Nielsen ratings isn’t guaranteed to win in it’s category). In the views of some people here, “Family Guy”, in failing to conform to certain moral truths, fails to achieve excellence (as nothing that contradicts “the Good” can truly achieve greatness). Thus it should not be recognized as excellent, nor honored with an award.

Why are you looking for “the Good” and “certain truths” in fiction? This is exactly what I’m talking about. You Anglos keep on looking for truth in the wrong places.

I liked Passion of the Christ, but I wouldn’t say that it showed some moral truths to me or “the good.” It was just a dramatization of the gospels with some artistic liberty. It wasn’t a video of the actual Crucification. In the end it was a just a dramatization of actual events. Peoples faith shouldn’t hinge on movies or books or TV shows, except that which is real, like the Bible or autobiographies or real-footage.

You Anglos love to “live” your media. But the problem is that in the end it’s just meaningless titillation. The ancient Greeks in the open-air theatre would believe that what they were seeing was real and the truth and their actual histories. They believed that what they saw was reality itself. That’s the problem with you people.

In the end, Gone with the Wind and South Park are just TV. No more meaning than a child’s dabble. Some people enjoy making and watching them, but let’s not raise them above reality.

Michellengo painted the Sistine Chapel, but that’s not what is important in life. It’s that Michellengo painted, not that he was a great painter or sculptor.

You Anglos love to complain and ridicule above all else. You say how vile South Park is, but you keep watching it and complaining about it, yet doing nothing about it. That’s as far as most of your efforts go.

The real truth is, you don’t care enough to actually follow through. Why not try to talk to the creators? Why not actually impose some moral authority on your leaders and entertainers? That’s because you only care enough to complain.

To Joe -

You know, when, say, Atheists complain about the Church, do we think: “You know. I shouldn’t say anything because it would amount to free advertising for Atheism, and it will become more popular?” Of course not!

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is giving the award, not the people. A few thoughts.

Does this organization have any “standards”?

Seriously, have the words depraved, immodest, inappropriate, and dysfunctional disappeared from the dictionary?

This is a show that encourages people to laugh at and enjoy depictions of totally inappropriate material. To take away any Shame for enjoying it.

Mom: “What did you do in art class today?”

Kid: “I drew a scene where a horse licks a guy’s bare back side.”

Mom: “That’s nice.”

What’s the big deal, right? This Award is an affirmation by a group of professionals supposedly concerned about Arts and Sciences. It’s OK folks. It has the approval of professionals.

God forbid,

South Park has been one of the strongest voices against the double standard against Christians. They serve a very important role when it comes to social commentary.

Again, you shouldn’t be looking for guidance in fiction. I like South Park, but anyone these days can make some form of media and call it social commentary. I think there’s a saying in the United States: “Opinion is like a butt: everyone has one.” Social commentary is just a buzzword to attract more sales/ratings. It’s the same with the “based on a true story” gimmick.

Woah. Your post seems to be getting a little accusatory in tone there. (“You Anglos…”) Some of us might start to take it personally. :slight_smile:

I thought you had a valid point with your previous post, but now I’m just going to have to disagree. There is no reason whatsoever that fiction and works of art cannot have deeper meanings. Not all fiction is artistic candy done merely for the purpose of escapism and titillation. Is there no depth in the works of Homer, Dante, or Shakespeare? Is there no difference between the Mona Lisa and a stick figure I drew to entertain my daughter?

That we Americans take our “entertainment” too seriously is perhaps a legitimate claim. But to say that we cannot (and should not) find “the Good” or moral truths in works of fiction is simply something I cannot agree with. In fact, I would say that such a view is a relatively modern view of fiction and art.

To Joe -

In the early 1930s, Hollywood was producing trashy films, so the Catholic Legion of Decency was formed. Please, read up on it and why it was formed.


TV has become the drug of choice for many Americans. A habit. It has gradually degenerated over the last 40 years as I watched. Slowly poisoning hearts and minds. Would any Catholic here enjoy their little boy or little girl coming home and showing them a drawing of the gay guys from Family Guy? Or imitating the dialogue from South Park? Little girl to teacher: “Stay away from my man, b****!” Huh?

Do we give our kids story books that show such things?

This is all being done to integrate and normalize immoral behavior and feed it to our young people.


The jokes are totally random and unrelated to the message of the story

They don’t even have too many of those anymore. The last 2 episodes were more to send a message, one was almost entirely devoted to political commentary on the pot ban, and the other, though not as bad, devoted most of the show to atheism. After the atheism episode I’ve decided to boycott it.

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