Family Guy portrayal of Jesus blasphemous?

I was flipping through YouTube with a family member and we came across Family Guy scenes and I remembered as a teen liking their portrayal of Jesus, which back then I felt was harmless.

In the scenes I watched, Jesus was shooting guns, referring to his ex, driving with his shirt off. Then Joseph suddenly told Mary to take off her pants :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::rage: at that point I had enough and said I had to go to bed.

I went into it thinking there could be some stuff bordering on offensive but it was awful. After the Mary part I realized that willingly watching this stuff was deeply offensive to Mary whom I have a devotion towards.

It’s more likely than not that I’m free of sin in this matter, because I didn’t know the content of the video before I clicked it, but I won’t take any chances and will try to confess this as soon as I can.

Honestly I feel traumatized… could use some prayers

I don’t think you have anything to confess. You didn’t watch it knowingly.

Pray and offer reparation to the Sacred Heart. I watched Family Guy when I was a teenager and it first came out, and then after it was cancelled and revived, I quit. It got at best too preachily political, and at worst outright offensive. They changed their tack from actually being clever to the comedic laziness of using shock value to score laughs. And most of the writing isn’t truly that funny. I’m amazed it’s still on the air after so long.



That’s one of the many reasons I no longer watch that show, but I want to point out that there have been worse portrayals of Jesus on that show.

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