Family Guy toys

Playmates Toys has announced that they will be releasing some in the Fall. Beware, mom, dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents.


I’m not sure what a Family Guy toy is?

I quite like Family Guy.

Besides, I thought Family Guy was rated age 15 and above. Not sure toys would be aimed at children.

I have no idea what you are talking about. I thought it was a thread about sports cars or something similar. Take care!

Is this about a TV show? I’m confused.

Family Guy is a cartoon show aimed at adults. It’s a comedy with lots of satire, does tend to mock politicial figures, groups of people - homosexuals, Christians, Muslims, republicans, democrats, disabiled, mexicans… no one is safe. It plays to stereotypes and mocks them to show how stupid they really are (the stereotypes, not the people.)

Jesus and the Pope do feature in some episodes. Nothing is sacred, but not always disrespectful. Once Jesus appears to inform a character that persecuting the Jews is not necessary as we all worship the same God. Another character says “But so do Muslims” and Jesus replies by saying “Hey, don’t confuse things!” for example.

Or, a terrorist blows himself up, walks through some pearly gates and demands his virgins, to find 72 computer geeks playing World of Warcraft.

yea its a show that seems to make fun of Jesus alot, I used to be a huge fan of the show and most young people today love the show

Oh Ok. I haven’t watched TV in years and frankly I don’t miss it. I don’t like these TV shows that promote all the opposite of Christian values. It seems like you have to be selfish, sarcastic and mock your neighbor if you want to be cool. (as opposed to love your neighbor). My kids watch DVDs (my daughter is watching Hello Kitty right now) but I don’t let them watch those that have bad language or behavior contrary to the values we want to teach them. Yes I know I’m not cool but the good of their souls is more important to me.

I admittedly watch the show despite its offensive jokes sometimes, simply because it’s an equal-opportunity offender. Yeah, there’s anti-Catholic stuff and even makes fun of our Lord, so if we do get to those parts, I tune out. Thing is, it’s practically anti-everything such that no one is safe, so it’s kinda hard to really get offended.

most of the time i jsut watch ewtn that would be the only reason i’d keep the cable and hey your kids will thank you some day, watch and see :thumbsup:

I hadn’t gotten into the Family Guy thing even a couple friends said it was “awesome”. Then they did the Star Wars spoof and since I’m a fan, I thought I’d watch that episode. It had some really funny and brilliant moments. So then I thought maybe I’m not giving it a chance. So I watched it for awhile. I noticed a couple things. While there was definately some really brilliant bits in there - I had to sit through a LOT of garbage. And after watching an episode and then following it up with the Simpsons, I realized it perverted my sense of humor. And I didn’t care for that.

So I gave up watching it. Not worth it IMO.

Ahhhh! Yes, I think I have heard about that. I think I heard it made fun of the disabled, and having a son with Down syndrome, we avoid watching stuff that would upset him or us. He has to endure being made fun of by living, breathing humans enough, he shouldn’t have to be made to feel badly during his limited “family fun TV time.”

I’m surprised it took them this long to psread their merchandising arm into the realm of toys. The Simpsons was doing that practically from day 1.

i cant stand people who make fun of the disabled :nunchuk: :mad: i can relate my brother may he rest in peace :signofcross: was disabled too

In Family Guy though, nothing is taboo. They don’t single out any group especially, and a lot of their humour is based on things that many think, but don’t dare say.

There was a disabled girl who a main character fell in love with. Another character hugged her, appeared to be in pain, then said “I’m guessing this one had a bunny but doesn’t any more?” - not really offensive, but still making fun.

I think recently Family guy’s deproved a lot. I’d agree with how you describe it up until the last few seasons, in which it occasionally seemed that Seth Macfarlane was just going out of his way yo take shots at people or groups he didn’t like, and not even with good jokes either. But that’s just my opinion. I’ve come to prefer South Park.

but still family guy and south park just aint good too watch it pollutes the mind but there was one thing i did like from south park and thats when the rednecks say they took er jobs which i really dont think would pollute the mind

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